Karen Pryor i-Click Dog Training Clicker, 3 Clickers

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Revolutionary in design and function the new i-Click was designed by the clicker trainers at KPCT to provide the next generation tool for clicker training. A quiet click. For classes or for sound sensitive animals it’s the must have tool. And animals that have been trained with a classic box clicker completely understand the lighter sound of the new i-Click. The i-Click has been designed to let you click no matter how you happen to grab hold of it. Upside down click, sideways click, right side up click. You can click with your thumb, with your palm, even your foot. And is disabled friendly Drop it on the floor and it always lands in a clickable position. Click it with your foot! Strap it to a wheelchair and click with your palm or chin.

Product Features

  • Must-have training tool for sound-sensitive pets
  • Easy to use in any position
  • Small enough to hide in your palm
  • Activates with just a small amount of pressure
  • Designed by Karen Pryor Clicker Trainers

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2 Responses

  1. Anyse Joslin "Russian is NOT for EVERYONE"
    | Reply

    I get a lickin’ and I keep on clickin’! I got this set of 5 clickers so that I would haveonein every room in my 3-room apartment! Oh, I keep one in my pocket as well!These clickers are the best because they are small and are not as harsh as larger ones. The larger ones are so loud that they scare my little 9-pound poodle, Dante. I know because I bought 3 of them at PetCo. So, if you ever need to buy a clicker, go for subtle over volume and a high-pitched sound as well. Too harsh for me and can scare your dog as well.That being said, these little clickers (they are smaller than any others I have ever seen) are perfect in pitch as well as volume. I wasted a few dollars on the others and I hope that my own learning experience will help you to make a good decision the first time rather than the second or the third!I begin training Dante with the clicker for any new behavior. Also, I have been able to reduce my use of the clicker with oral commands along with consistent body signals with my hand(s) or the position of my body relative to Dante. He’s both fast as well as observant!So, good luck . . .

  2. ChuckleHead
    | Reply

    nice clicker I like these clickers especially inside the house as they are a little quieter than some. (I also own a Starmark clicker which is too loud inside) I purchased the 5 pack and chose the quietest one for use inside. Along with it being quieter, outside it is still loud enough unless there is a lot of background noise such as high wind or a stadium competition, but it would have to be fairly noisy since a trained dog is anticipating the click command. You really don’t need a super loud clicker under most training routines. If your dog isn’t responding to the click, you may need to reevaluate your training rountine or the dogs current abilities. But clickers are cheap and I own several to give me the right sound level for each circumstance. These clickers are reliable, easy to click, and click everytime, they feel good in the hand too. They do everything that is written in the mfg’s descrption and do it well. Oh and they are super cheap too, a great buy!!!!

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