Kalea Smiling Dog Dachshund Car Weiner Wiener Dog Perro Sonrie Funny nasmijana pas Teckel

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

Doxie Dachshund smiling Wiener Dog Weiner Dog as seen on www.todaysbigthing.com, http webcafe.net.hr, www.nemosvjerovat.com and www.10minutesaperdre.fr. Dachshund doing something funny Cute Dachshund Funny Pet Videos Smile! Smiling Dog wǎn ěr quǎn 微笑的狗कुत्ता…

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. 808raised
    | Reply

    @GordonBdesign damn okay sorry mom lol. what LOLDOXIE said. if you allow a video to be embeddable then you’re allowing the public to access it in whichever way is possible (and legal). on a side note, i stumbled onto this video because it was posted on a blog i follow. suck on that!

  2. Wuhhhht
    | Reply

    Like this comment if you laughed the same way the woman did at the same time.

  3. youxknowxyouxluvxit
    | Reply

    @GordonBdesign knob

  4. CCarter1227
    | Reply


  5. BriannaDawnc
    | Reply

    I literally just now watched this on Web Soup and could not stop laughing! I had to find it as soon as I pulled myself together.

  6. siCfr3ak83
    | Reply


  7. FightingWordsStore
    | Reply

    Love it.

  8. dany080
    | Reply

    @Wuhhhht i think it was the guy :s

  9. dany080
    | Reply

    Dog didnt smile to one guy…

  10. SolidSnake256
    | Reply

    She laughs like Whoopi Goldberg.

  11. loupywuff
    | Reply

    The original video is staged by the same viral marketing company that did the computer-altered “thumbs up cat”. It’s a pet food product company.

  12. gb30videos
    | Reply

    @loupywuff I have the original video on my camera

  13. MarthaStout0202
    | Reply

    Just saw this on Web Soup – so cute!!

  14. loupywuff
    | Reply

    @gb30videos Okay? So you’re the one who faked it. Your point?

  15. AS3ND
    | Reply

    @loupywuff you sir are an idiot

  16. pantherGuenhwyvar
    | Reply

    I think he wants a car :)))) so so cutee

  17. milandelijans
    | Reply

    hahaha ja ocu jednog takvog 😀

  18. moomay1949
    | Reply

    Ahahaha! that made my day!

  19. NenhaMoxa1993
    | Reply

    Cute and funny!!!!!!! I loved it!!!!!

  20. lifes2short4aname
    | Reply

    @loupywuff oh wow you’ve obviously never had a pet. It’s not fake.

  21. olaolaola825
    | Reply

    its so cute! ^-^

  22. Peacebybiggergun
    | Reply


  23. malteseluv
    | Reply

    Adorable! My Maltese smiles too and it always cracks me up.

  24. Krulle27
    | Reply

    Sooooo cuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. rodrigosv91
    | Reply

    they look exactly like my dog.
    except fro the smile

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