Just like a Band-Aid .. It's over already!

Whew! That was fast!


It’s quite the plugin. Basically, you have to chmod 777 (give full permissions) to all the files in the root, except the configuration file .. and the /wp-admin/ folder and all its files … and the /wp-includes/ folder and all of its files. There’s also a /work/ folder inside the plugin folder itself that also had to be given permission.

There is a screen inside the MANAGE link in the dashboard, that basically tells you if any files are not properly given the correct permissions, and won’t proceed to do anything. But .. when every file is set, and you click on the button .. “UPGRADE TO CURRENT WORDPRESS VERSION” … this is what happens:

Instant Upgrade
With InstantUpgrade, you can upgrade your WordPress installation to the latest or an arbitrary WordPress version with a single click.

Performing Upgrade…
Checking if WordPress root is writable…

Checking if WordPress files are writable…

Checking if work directory is writable…

Downloading WordPress installation package…

Downloading file http://wordpress.org/latest.zip was successful. Filesize: 976527 bytes.

Extracting WordPress package latest.zip…

Removing old files…

Inserting new files…

Wiping out temporary files…

Running upgrade script of new WordPress version…

Everything went smooth. Have fun with your new WordPress version!

And it’s over! – This blog has now been upgraded to wordpress version 2.2


Before this upgrade, I couldn’t see anything in my PLUGINS page from my dashboard – it was white. In fact, I had to actually activate this “InstantUpgrade” plugin through the backdoor using the command …


For the first time since I’ve upgraded from version 1.5.2 directly to version 2.1 … I can now see my Plugin page! WooHoo!

Um .. I can’t tell which plugin may or may not have been deactivated or placed in any sandbox – as, I couldn’t see which ones were activated.

Other than that – So far so good. Upgrades are good.

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