Jump Through- Clicker Dog Training

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

This is a very cute and impressive trick to teach a little dog that also builds confidence in your dog and teaches the trainer how to teach and the dog how to learn.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. gimkilo57
    | Reply

    Keep your face out of reach of the flying dog xD

  2. Ambushcrysis
    | Reply

    Pretty good video , very informative in such a short video, also nice butt.

  3. SheaandBekah
    | Reply


  4. crazycopper345
    | Reply

    GREAT TUTORIAL!!! I will definetly train my dog this! thanks so much!

  5. JazzyFizzful
    | Reply

    I LOVE Clicker training. It is fun for the dogs and they learn pretty fast doing it.

  6. EpicIngrid
    | Reply

    This is great! 😀

    Could you make a video on how to handle dogs that doesn’t like to be pet? 🙂
    Or a video on how to teach your dog to not go crazy when meeting another dog?

  7. zsianz1
    | Reply

    this is so cool, I remember when I first saw you doing this trick with Kiko and I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen (I still do!) my friend has just started training tricks with her dogs and one of them is really bouncy, I will defo be sharing this video with her.

  8. marixels
    | Reply

    Thats a really nice trick!!

  9. marixels
    | Reply

    Thats a really nice trick!!
    thanks for the tutoriall!

  10. blazingkitten
    | Reply

    Very nice Blossom loves to jump, I’ll have to work on some of these, she is great with real jumps, and a hulla hoop, but my arms are confusing lol.

  11. roseofshaz
    | Reply

    How do you teach a bigger dog to do this? I’d love to teach my lab but I cant lure her with a treat while making a hoop with my arms.

  12. bordergirlsmom
    | Reply

    wow, you were even able to do that between your legs with Splash! Impressive. Snuggles is very cute and what a cute name. Great video, thanks!!! Kathy with Liz/Breeze/Cricket

  13. brittanyjadexo
    | Reply

    LOVE it! I love that you also use other dogs besides your own in your videos!

  14. 85loops09
    | Reply

    Do you do private or group classes? I’m very interested. You’re an awesome trainer:))

  15. CreazyGirlz
    | Reply

    Cool! I’m so gonna try this!

  16. mariswithdogs
    | Reply

    I think I’m gonna try this trick with my grandmother’s dog:). She isn’t too interested in treats, but she LOVES toys, so this seems to be an easy trick to use a toy as a reward:). Thank you for the video!

  17. newbear95
    | Reply

    Love this trick and the Jrt. 🙂 I love how the Jrt always beg for the treats! That’s too cute! I will teach Jaguar this trick as XIao xiao use that signal for the peekaboo trick already 🙂

  18. AppleCore360
    | Reply

    Nice trick! I love how smooth it alway’s looks when you show something of your dogs training.
    I’m not gonna try that with my puppy though… She’s a pitbull puppy… I think that trick is gonna kick me in the ass one day 😛 I can totaly see her nock me over one day like that (and jumping isn’t that good for her hips, its supose to be a heavy type of dog)

  19. AdimusDogServices
    | Reply

    It’s nice that you’ve shown the larger dog variation, too, so everyone can do this regardless of the size of their dog. Well done !

  20. jimbethpiggy
    | Reply

    this is a random question lol but do you feed them wet,dry or raw dog food? p.s. i love your vids i’ll have to go try this now =)

  21. curryqueen
    | Reply

    We train this too at the moment, but only the baby version with very low jumps. Mattis is only 14 months old.

  22. LTVLT
    | Reply

    Another great training session! I hope you continue to post once you have moved countries!

  23. yagurlnell
    | Reply

    great vid!

  24. petlover582
    | Reply

    Graet video Lucy love Jump Through trick
    ~Angel & Lucy~

  25. mieke337
    | Reply

    We sure gonna try this one!

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