January 2012 Pet Coupons — PetEdge Promo Code for 10% Off

  Stop by The Free Printable Coupon Website’s article on the latest 2012 PetEdge coupon code for 10% off your entire order!

If you’re not already shopping at PetEdge, you should be! When I lived in Boston, I discovered this pet supplies wholesaler on my lunch hour, as one of their two outlet stores was located in the same office park. Their prices tend to be 40% to 50% less expensive than retail stores.  That’s because they supply the pet stores (but they also sell to the public, so you’re saving money by cutting out the middle-man.)

They sell everything except for the pet and food (though they do carry treats.) I buy flea and tick medications, pet vitamins and supplements, treats, dog clothing, pet crates and grooming supplies like brushes, nail clippers, clipper blades, shampoo and conditioners. I also use PetEdge to buy my puppy pads, which are a great find — a pack of 100 is priced at just under $20, whereas at PetSmart, a 100-pack ranges in price from $39.99 to $47.99. Plus the Clean ‘N Go pads are a higher quality than any others I’ve found; they’re more absorbent, they don’t tear and the filling doesn’t bunch up if they’re folded or kicked around.

Known as “floor diapers” in our house, we use puppy pads for just about everything: puppy pads, bird cage liners, dog crate/pet carrier liners and we put them over dog beds (under a fleece blanket) to protect the pet bed from drool (Piggy the pug tends to drool while he sleeps!) We’ve also placed them under the bed’s fitted sheet to serve as an extra barrier of protection for our niece’s bedwetting accidents!

In addition to the 10% off promo code for PetEdge (good through January 27), bargain hunters can also save with PetSmart coupons and sales for January 2012!

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  1. Felipe Sparks
    | Reply

    Beautiful! I use PetEdge all of the time! Great prices and 10% off is even better! Thanks!

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