It's Election Day Tomorrow! Does Your Dog Vote?

Does your dog vote? No, I’m not asking if he’ll be going to the polls and marking a ballot. But will your status as a pet owner influence your vote? Mandatory vaccination, dangerous dog laws, dogfighting prosecution, animal cruelty laws, and breed bans are only a few of the issues facing every dog owner. Every elected representative, from the City Council to the President, has the opportunity to support ordinances and laws that reward responsible dog ownership and punish cruel, irresponsible owners.

The non-partisan My Dog Votes has three key messages for dog owners, who represent 44.9% of the population:

  • Register to vote
  • Your vote matters
  • Local elections count

What My Dog’s Voting For

Yes, my dog votes– through me, of course. Here are the top issues important to Augustin.

  • Breed Bans Stink— As a Welsh Corgi/Border Collie mix, Augustin doesn’t have to worry about breed bans right now. But his friends at the dog park do. We live West of Denver, Colorado, where Pit Bulls are banned within city limits. Augustin has friends who are Pit Bulls, Boxers, Labrador mixes, and various other breeds easily confused for Pit Bulls. If any of these friendly, pleasant dogs were lost or stolen and wandered into Denver, they could be killed on sight by an Animal Control officer or Police officer! Augustin and I vote for City Council members who will keep our city Pit friendly and continue to implement dangerous dog laws that punish owners of vicious dogs of any breed.
  • Leash Laws and Dog Parks— Augustin loves to go to the dog park, but he also knows that off leash dogs in areas not designated for that use can harm people and pets, endanger themselves, harrass wildlife, and damage property. That’s why my dog votes for leash laws and for dog park funding, as well as for local candidates who will support the same. However, he votes against candidates who would support high fines for offenses like walking an off-leash dog or failing to pick up a poop. Penalties should fit the crime– we say, sentence those guilty of failing to pick up poo to a day of cleaning kennels at an animal shelter!
  • Cruelty to Animals— Augustin’s parents were rescued from a cruel hoarder who kept over 70 dogs in two trailers. Crates were stacked on top of one another, with the dogs on the bottow row covered in feces and urine from dogs above them. Augustin and I support stronger penalties for cruelty to animals. After a high profile case in which a cat was set on fire and thrown from a moving car, our state made aggravated cruelty to animals a felony. Augustin and I proudly vote for candidates who are willing to work with humane organizations to investigate, convict, and punish animal abusers.

Does your dog vote? If so, what’s he or she telling you to vote for this year? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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