Items To Get Before Bringing Home Your New Rats

Here is a video showing the supplies you will need to get before you bring home new rats! I hope this helps! If you have any questions or comments, leave them below!

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25 Responses

  1. Olivia Franklin
    | Reply

    whats the cheapest budget to get a rat

  2. R A T L O V E R 14
    | Reply

    what should I feed my rat? Im getting one soon and just need food and some toys

  3. Kimiko
    | Reply

    How big is your cage or what's it called?

    | Reply

    Still miss ya!

    | Reply

    I love rats they make wonderful pets. They are very friendly and loves there owners.

  6. Alysani01
    | Reply

    what would you recommend to use in the litter tray? im probably getting a rat in a month from a litter born a few days ago and i want to be as prepared as possible.

  7. Mason Walton
    | Reply

    When he fell over on the baby puff 😂 love your rats 😄

  8. Karen Kusek
    | Reply

    An excellent content video but you must stop JIGGLING the camera….please! You have a very pleasant voice also.

  9. Ded Mouse
    | Reply

    How many rats can fit in a single critter nation? Also how many rats can fit in a double critter nation that you have?

  10. lydia julia
    | Reply

    how will the rats learn to drink from the water bottle?

  11. Jay Avera
    | Reply

    I previously had a mouse cage that could hold one rat but sadly not two so I just invested in a bigger cage that can hold up to 6 rats. Will it be too big for the two rats I'm going to get soon?
    How packed does their cage need to be with toys etc? and if it's a multi level cage and I can't use fleece, what is a good bedding?

  12. JustmeJennaC
    | Reply

    I have two rats and based on the calculator my cage can hold 6 XD

  13. avabean99 1
    | Reply

    I have one baby rat and I am getting another soon but her waterbottle will not stop leaking do I have to get a different one what can I do?

  14. Adel Simpson
    | Reply

    Hi can you use normal cat litter?

  15. kpop7
    | Reply

    I'm getting one rat, yes I know rats like company but I'm trying to prove to my parents that I'm responsible enough and I should get another rat after about 2 or 3 months. Will they get along with each other. And how do I get them to get along.

  16. gia the rat
    | Reply

    ox bow maZURI native earth

  17. Yesenia Herrera
    | Reply

    Rattielover713 if im going to get 2 rats should i get to water bottles?

  18. solar playz
    | Reply

    omg the cage O.O

  19. Peter Aremone
    | Reply

    How to make rats lick/eat Rat Blocks ?

  20. katy HP
    | Reply

    im getting 2 rats in a couple months

  21. Zach Bridges
    | Reply

    Can I feed my male rat just cat food and cat greets?

  22. Haley Snyder
    | Reply

    How much was your cage ?

  23. Elizabeth S
    | Reply

    This is my first time owning rats. (2 females) not going to lie I'm kinda nervous but really excited. Mostly because I don't know what to get cage wise, food wise I know.

  24. Mehdi Drai
    | Reply

    i keep watching videos about rats. i really want to have one … but my parents wont let me . never . ever . even if they do with a chance of 0.000001% . i never heard of a petstore that sells pet rats in my country … :'(

  25. Riley Marsh
    | Reply

    my rats are babies and they won't eat rat blocks at all i have a recipe that i use but is there any way to make them like it

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