Items To Get Before Bringing Home Your New Rats

Here is a video showing the supplies you will need to get before you bring home new rats! I hope this helps! If you have any questions or comments, leave them below!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Olivia Franklin says:

    whats the cheapest budget to get a rat

  2. R A T L O V E R 14 says:

    what should I feed my rat? Im getting one soon and just need food and some toys

  3. How big is your cage or what's it called?

  4. Still miss ya!

  5. WAX MELT LOVER says:

    I love rats they make wonderful pets. They are very friendly and loves there owners.

  6. what would you recommend to use in the litter tray? im probably getting a rat in a month from a litter born a few days ago and i want to be as prepared as possible.

  7. Mason Walton says:

    When he fell over on the baby puff 😂 love your rats 😄

  8. Karen Kusek says:

    An excellent content video but you must stop JIGGLING the camera….please! You have a very pleasant voice also.

  9. How many rats can fit in a single critter nation? Also how many rats can fit in a double critter nation that you have?

  10. lydia julia says:

    how will the rats learn to drink from the water bottle?

  11. I previously had a mouse cage that could hold one rat but sadly not two so I just invested in a bigger cage that can hold up to 6 rats. Will it be too big for the two rats I'm going to get soon?
    How packed does their cage need to be with toys etc? and if it's a multi level cage and I can't use fleece, what is a good bedding?

  12. JustmeJennaC says:

    I have two rats and based on the calculator my cage can hold 6 XD

  13. avabean99 1 says:

    I have one baby rat and I am getting another soon but her waterbottle will not stop leaking do I have to get a different one what can I do?

  14. Adel Simpson says:

    Hi can you use normal cat litter?

  15. I'm getting one rat, yes I know rats like company but I'm trying to prove to my parents that I'm responsible enough and I should get another rat after about 2 or 3 months. Will they get along with each other. And how do I get them to get along.

  16. gia the rat says:

    ox bow maZURI native earth

  17. Yesenia Herrera says:

    Rattielover713 if im going to get 2 rats should i get to water bottles?

  18. solar playz says:

    omg the cage O.O

  19. Peter Aremone says:

    How to make rats lick/eat Rat Blocks ?

  20. im getting 2 rats in a couple months

  21. Zach Bridges says:

    Can I feed my male rat just cat food and cat greets?

  22. Haley Snyder says:

    How much was your cage ?

  23. Elizabeth S says:

    This is my first time owning rats. (2 females) not going to lie I'm kinda nervous but really excited. Mostly because I don't know what to get cage wise, food wise I know.

  24. Mehdi Drai says:

    i keep watching videos about rats. i really want to have one … but my parents wont let me . never . ever . even if they do with a chance of 0.000001% . i never heard of a petstore that sells pet rats in my country … :'(

  25. Riley Marsh says:

    my rats are babies and they won't eat rat blocks at all i have a recipe that i use but is there any way to make them like it

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