Is a Rabbit the Right Pet for You? A Video by the Marin Humane Society

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

An overview of what it’s like to live with a bunny and what you should know before you consider adopting one. Most animal shelters have a lot of rabbits who were bought at pet stores and later given up by people who didn’t understand the long-term commitment of being a rabbit guardian. Watch more of the Marin Humane Society’s videos about taking care of rabbits at . See rabbits who are available for adoption, and learn about everything the Marin Humane Society does to help animals, at .

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. Mr291229
    | Reply

    @marinhumane Question are rabbits rodents or mispiral aminals, sorry if I spelled it wrong I just want to know?

  2. zZxZ3R0xZz
    | Reply

    do you have macaws

  3. connieriley
    | Reply

    All 3 of my rabbits were killed by a dog. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  4. TwiPrime
    | Reply

    @connieriley Oh, that sucks! I’m sorry. My cats and dog are what would keep me from getting one. For now anyway.

  5. TwiPrime
    | Reply

    Are rabbits just as smart as, say a cat or dog? Are there techniques for helping them get used to contact with new people? Do they take blinking as a signal that they’re not in danger, like cats do? Do they like submissive gestures like averting out eyes? Do they recognize their names?

  6. ClythiaMystica
    | Reply

    @marinhumane How can I set up my home for a rabbit? i have a small room. can they stay in a cage? Do they get fleas?

  7. ashleylovely2
    | Reply

    I am in my junior year of high school and animals are a passion so i know I’m going to just get it and leave it. I’m supposed to be getting one around the holidays and i would like to know how much is it to spay/neuter a rabbit?

  8. DragonGyrl96
    | Reply

    what I find most interesting is that when she goes to pet any of the rabbits they just kinda curl up and sit there like “okay, I can do this for a while.” they don’t put up a big fuss or anything.

  9. sojugerl
    | Reply

    How do i spay/neuter my rabbit?

  10. FinalFantasyFan92
    | Reply

    They live 10 to 12 years? Mine died when it was 4.. =[

  11. SkittlezTryMakeup
    | Reply


  12. pumpkin091
    | Reply

    I love my bunny! There aren’t any shelters within 50 miles from me so I bought him from a great pet store, and he got a thorough vet checkup. He unfortunately is not fixed, which is one of the pluses to adopting, because they’re already fixed. my bunny is so sweet, but they aren’t just simple cage animals – they need a lot of playing.

  13. KehJay
    | Reply

    Help me get a rabbit I haunt asked my parents yet

  14. mychello1992
    | Reply

    Never had the strength to put an animal into a shelter,always busted my butt finding any animal a home…And I tell everyone to do the same,every animal deserves a chance at a new life 🙂

  15. Dragoniterush97
    | Reply

    my rabbit’s 4 months old and keeps running away from me 🙁 how do you get it to like u? and if u want it to sleep indoors what would be the best room to keep it in?

  16. NinyGirlForever
    | Reply

    Alot of the youtube videos on how to care for your bunny are so wroung but this one is great! thank you!

  17. PatchworkParamedic
    | Reply

    …If you’re rabbit is pissed, CUT IT’S BALLS OFF!

  18. 4goldenprincesses
    | Reply

    ummm where are you guys located? and how do you adopt the rabbits?

  19. StefyStuff
    | Reply

    You look kinda like a rabbit (thats a compliment)

  20. XxXMsLovelyXxX
    | Reply

    How much does it usually cost to have a rabbit spayed or neutered?

  21. TheVampiregirl99
    | Reply

    is it normal for a cat to be scared of a rabbit?

  22. TVCityVlogs
    | Reply

    how long does it take for a female to fully mature and reach full size

  23. BearKillsAll
    | Reply

    @PatchworkParamedic LMAO

  24. LordVindicta
    | Reply

    Do you know what breed the rabbit is with the black “mascara” around the eyes and white fur? In one scene he/she is coming out of a carrier. My fiance and I just adopted a rabbit who is quite similar and were trying to decide on what breed he is, we were thinking either Mini Rex or English Spot. He also has a tuft of unruly hair on his head, making us think he has a bit of Lionhead in him.

  25. bonezillion
    | Reply

    I used to have gray rabbit that I got for Easter when I was 5.
    I didn’t know how to treat it and got bored of her after a month.
    I really regret it and miss my rabbit (she died after a 4 year life in a cage).
    I really want another one but we already have 3 dogs and 3 cats so my parents said no 🙁

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