Intuitive Horsemanship

Intuitive Horsemanship

By Stevi Weissbach

Have you ever had that synchronicity with your horse, -where he seems to do everything you have thought? It is an amazing feeling, and it isn’t usually “just by chance.” Is telepathic communication really a possibility?

If you have ever spent time with horses in a herd, you may have noticed when two horses are in new surroundings they seem “glued,” as if a rope is holding them together. Have you ever noticed how their fear spreads like a wildfire? These “natural instincts” are great for survival. It keeps the horses safe and connected to one another. So how can this help humans work with horses?

The reason horses can communicate through telepathy is because they are honest with each other when they are scared, upset or content. They don’t always listen to us because so many of us are used to lying about our feelings and what we really mean. You may have heard the expressions “leave your problems at the gate,” and “show him who is boss.” We, as a human race, should take the time to understand one another and the ideas we live by. Instead, many of us rely on someone else’s experience or what has been taught as “right.” It is more helpful to the horse if there is no right or wrong: just what works well to get a task completed, and what doesn’t. Becoming a good horseperson isn’t about following a program. It’s about following a feel.

If you believe your horse can listen to your thoughts, try this.

Think of a task you want him or her to do.

For example: Walk on, or go forward. What you want to do is put yourself in your horse’s feet. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

• Why will you (as the horse) want to move? What will cause you to go forward?

• Should you respect her (the human) enough to do what she asks?

• Will she quit nagging you to complete the task after you have done what she asked?

• If you don’t understand her, will she get mad and frustrated and discipline you unnecessarily?

• Is your leader assertive enough to mean what she says?

Before you ask your horse to move, you should have a general idea of what it is you want, if you are asking clear enough for the horse to figure it out, and if it is even physically and emotionally possible. Anything is possible with the right guidance.

You are ready to “execute” the task.

Picture or imagine being in your horses body, pushing off at a walk. Feel which leg will go forward first, the momentum and the release of pressure. The more vivid your imagination is the better.

Then ask your horse in a way he has been trained to move.

Try it a number of times, picture starting and stopping. Then follow through with a command he understands.

Your horse should start to get the idea, which is really your idea passed to him.

Then start to add different elements and have some fun with it. You will find that you will be more in tune to your horse’s movements and he will understand you better.

It is very similar to the visualization any Olympic athlete, project leader, or business person might use; the only difference is that you are doing the visualizing for your horse. To be successful at communicating with your horse you will need to be clear and understandable.

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Stevi has worked around different breeds of horses, many dynmamic instructors and motivational speakers. She understands how people and horses learn best, how to communicate with horses on a physical and spiritual level, and knows how to make situations fun and positive for both you and your horse.

Stevi writes her articles to enlighten you to have fun with your horse, be creative, and treat your horse with respect. “We’ve all got so much to learn, but if we can just take one small step in the right direction, that will make all the difference to your horse. And be creative-it’ll keep your horse wondering what fun things you will come up with next!”

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