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On June 8th, I upgraded and combined two separate hosting packages into one larger Virtual Private Server (VPS) account. Apparently, because of all my blogs and what-have-me .. some CPU resources and other system resources are periodically reaching black levels for a micro-second. And, when that micro-second happens, the VPS system kills some resources to compensate.

Occassionally, if you come by and notice that the “Default Kubrick” template is appearing on the blog – that is a side effect of this winking out problem of certain resources, and the system reboots the blog and MySQL database and options at the default template theme for some reason.

The good news .. is that I will be upgrading AGAIN – on August 1, 2007 – to a full dedicated server and this shouldn’t happen again. Firstly, because the resources should be adequately available to cover the needs of my network on a dedicated server .. and Secondly .. because when I get around to it – I’m going to put the main template versions into the DEFAULT folder on my system .. just incase it ever needs to default to the default ever again – it will default to the latest template!

I kind of documented it over on HART-Empire Blog if curious .. and although I won’t exactly call this a slowdown period until the upgrade .. I will not actively be trying to generate a whole bunch of new traffic and excessive postings which might halt the system resources to go from green to black and kill certain activities on this network.

PS… the move will mostly occur behind the scenes, and there should be no downtime on August 1. *knock on wood*

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2 Responses

  1. bijoy
    | Reply


    I’m new here landed up searching blogs on resources on pets. cool blog you have here, keep it up. i’m also interested in dogs and do have a german shepherd named devil ( named after the phantom’s dog – i was a huge phantom fan in my childhood ) any way its nice to be here. i’ll be back some time later for more updates.

    Warm Regards from India

    you might find this series
    on dogs
    in our blog interesting. do leave comments there. see ya.


    Kerala, India

  2. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    Hi Bijoy.. Welcome!

    I’m currently in the midst of an upgrade to a dedicated server (done last night) but it can take up to 72 hours before the DNS changes kicks in… This site is up and down lately, but should be back to normal by the weekend

    *knock on wood

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