In a Whisper A Trick Horse Training Manual

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Have you ever wished you knew the secrets of training a horse to do virtually any trick or movement? To Have that magical special connection with your horse that could take a lifetime to accomplish without the know how.

Trick and natural horsemanship trainer Suzanne Fargher demonstrates how anyone can develop these skills through this unique step by step manual.

This is the ultimate training book to nurture communication, respect, and a happy, confident, content, bright, well behaved and very special horse!

Learn the secrets of teaching simple tricks like teaching your horse how to smile and count, to amazing performance worthy movements such as the bow, rear, spanish walk, pedestal work, sit and lie down on command!

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2 Responses

  1. ShellyG123
    | Reply

    cool This book is so cool to learn tricks and the connection you have with your horse and his trust by doing the things that are so cool to see.

  2. Paula Patton
    | Reply

    Way too much information to weed through before you get to the good stuff It was a good read. And some good tips you should try it. It worth the money. Buy it today.

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