I'm With You… Katrina Animal Rescue

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I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube

Muttshack New Orleans Animal Rescue

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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25 Responses

  1. parrotcharmer
    | Reply

    Not sure what you meant “boes & stuff”.. I used the most un-offensive pictures that I had to make this video. What you are looking at is TAME in comparison to the reality of what was in New Orleans. If you want the white washed version…I suggest that you turn to the network version.
    They will give you the Politically “correct” version…not reality.
    A few dead animals, does not reflect the hundreds of thousands that we encountered daily. Should we just forget those who gave their lives?

  2. sarahpy1990
    | Reply

    i think what these people did was amazing! without them all those poor animals would of been forgotten about..just left to die!

  3. Notawesomeatall7
    | Reply

    It’s wonderful they sent help and people volunteered but I still wish that people felt as compelled to help other people as they do animals.

  4. kycady
    | Reply

    Now its Galveston!

  5. guiguipse
    | Reply

    Pauvres animaux comment les gens ont ils pu les abandonner à leurs tristes sorts heureusement que certains ont pu être secourus à temps!!!!!

  6. bugg53
    | Reply

    Thank you ..Kudos to all who helped these poor frightened animal survivors!! Each of you is someone special..each and every one!

  7. hippylongstockings
    | Reply

    Angels every last one of you..and if they could talk theyd thankyou2 🙂

  8. mattyuvm18
    | Reply

    F here alone and bored and horny G

  9. Taizz22
    | Reply

    someone lick my puss q

  10. Janix1984
    | Reply

    thx god
    merci à ces gens fabuleux qui leur offrent une deuxième chance

  11. becful21
    | Reply

    good stuff, watch EARTHLINGS if you like animals. it’s a great documentary!

  12. STRINGER51
    | Reply

    God Bless all!

  13. Ljuvytube
    | Reply

    It must has been hard not to crie your eyes out when they (rescuers) see al the hurting, lonly animals..

  14. MissLinh585
    | Reply

    aww im glad theres people out there that care for animals like i do!

  15. redspiderjack
    | Reply

    These animal rescuers deserve medals. Not only do most of them volunteer their own time, but the mental anguish they must go through finding sick & injured animals. I take my hat off to them. Fortunately I’ve never had to endure a disaster, but if at all possible I’d be getting my “family” of animals out with me. So sad

  16. Jonathan11233
    | Reply

    Theses people deserve alot of metals and i am only 11 years old and i want to voluntere already but im under age but i want to say this to all volunteres thank you for saving dogs..:)

  17. happymike44
    | Reply

    I wonder if people understand it was as many as 50,000 pets who were euthanized or shot by the troopers and sheriffs.
    Then there were the pets left to starve next to the road by the troopers.
    After lying to people and say don’t worry we have people coming to evacuate pets.
    Then never did and after this I learned to never tell the police I was home.
    During every hurricane I kept the car packed and ready to take my dog with me in a moments notices.
    I moved since this happened.

  18. parrotcharmer
    | Reply

    99.9% of what happened to the animals… was NOT through human cruelty…

    Sorry you didn’t notice the love of the rescuers…. Perhaps you should watch again.

  19. 6simonsharpay
    | Reply

    it was so sad! Thank god a lot of animals and people survived during Katrina!

  20. missym21
    | Reply

    I’m glad there are people who also think of the animals who are dying there in their houses…bless the people who care about the animals!

  21. jeslovesanimals
    | Reply

    WHY WHY would you tie a dog up in the house when there is

  22. jeslovesanimals
    | Reply

    a HURRICANE! stupid f*cking people I swear. Ugh nothing makes me more mad. some people shouldn’t own animals. stupid f*cking people.

  23. Astrid270718
    | Reply

    This is a very sad video!Thank you,Katrina Animal Rescue for all the good work that you are doing!

  24. toddviv
    | Reply

    @bugg53 Absolutely 100% Correct!!!!!

  25. theperbastet
    | Reply

    Thanks for being so beautiful people¡¡¡EXTRAORDINARIOS¡¡

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