If Your Puppy Won’t Pay Attention, Here’s What To Do!

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18 Responses

  1. Ben Rowlett
    | Reply

    I am getting a puppy in 2 days!

  2. Christy Cushman
    | Reply

    oh and her intrest in toy play and fetch is nil

  3. Christy Cushman
    | Reply

    Zac my pup has such seperation anxiety my 14 yo daughter is only with me a couple of days a week and she whines and crys when the kid walks out of the room let alone thru the door to school and I have tried to introduce her thru the fence to other dogs but she becomes so aggresseive and barks like she is a big dog . I lose control of the situation and end up pulling hard on the choke coller that is now a nessacary thing that i did not want to use . I have tried to use the meat treats aand another person to train and when doing the potty traing we go out every hour but I am still having issues with being able to leave her alone for a couple of hours without utter destruction help I dont have alot of money to buy the traing crates so i have to use whati can around my apt. to control her enviroment.

  4. Jake Taylor
    | Reply

    Ok now lets see a similar video featuring a problematically agressive doberman.
    Because that would be awesome.

  5. Jake Taylor
    | Reply

    "Im going to drop it now to let her feel like she's got a win."
    Someone call Cesar.

  6. joshua C
    | Reply

    hey ive been watching your videos and some of the tricks are working but can you do a video just for shepard dogs like king sheperd and german sheperd

  7. The Zoologist
    | Reply

    I'm having the opposite problem. my puppy is 4 months old. and wont go and play. hes so clingy. I take him to the park and take him off leash and he just sticks.to me.

  8. Annabella Bengie
    | Reply

    Can you please help!!! My puppy when we take walks even just up and down the street she bites the leash!!! Please help zak!

  9. Hannah Spencer
    | Reply

    Our male dog sired seven puppies a couple months ago and they are about 4 weeks old now. We are planning to get one when they are ready. I'm so excited! We just got our dog neutered yesterday, so he won't sire any more puppies.

  10. kris003
    | Reply

    this is the kind of vid i love to see, precise and to the point

  11. Lilyan Clark
    | Reply

    Hi I’m 12 years old and have a gsd that is 4-5 months old and jumps on the 2 and five year olds in the family and even when we are outside on a leash with nobody around she tries to jerk it and gets loose even when her caller is tight enough or harness and we don’t have a fence so she runs were ever she wants and listen to sit down stay rollover lay down heal not when she is loose she is active and loves soccer so wen company is over I have to stay out side so she isn’t a bolt of energy jumping on people because she loves them

  12. Fortnite Lover
    | Reply

    Zak doesn’t pin comments

  13. baby joker420
    | Reply

    How would I possibly be able to get in contact with you Zack George. I have a 6 month old pitbull mix Border Collie, very energetic and I know he's smart he just likes to be rambunctious and curious is there any way you possibly be able to visit me and help me with Scrappy

  14. Billy Dennis
    | Reply

    Hi Zak. Would really appreciate it if u could help
    Thinking about getting a dog but the only reason I cant is because my parents are at work for like 4hours a day. What would u suggest is the longest amount of time you can leave a puppy at home per day after a long morning walk??? Thanks. Keep up the vids

  15. Jamille Lobiano
    | Reply

    I wish you can train my puppy
    pls answer so i get information pls😢😢

  16. Drones4You
    | Reply

    Great Video !

  17. Josh Horneck
    | Reply

    I have a 9-week-old lab. As soon as I pick up my end of the leash, she lays down and will not move. We've let her wear the leash inside and outside while playing to build her trust in the leash. She typically doesn't have a problem with that. But as soon as I pick it up, game over. It doesn't matter if we try walking her in the house, in the yard, or in the neighborhood, she lays down and will not walk.

  18. sundaran K
    | Reply

    Please say how to say puppy to take the ball

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