I Train My Cats With PSYCHOLOGY

Can you train a cat? It turns out that, with a little psychology, you bet you can! Through associative learning, you can condition your cat to do just about anything. Come when called, give you a high five, do your taxes…well maybe not that last one.

On this episode of Micah Psych, join Micah as he attempts to teach Bill and Loki how to come when called. Armed with Pavlov’s theory of Classical Conditioning and a boatload of cat treats, will Micah be able to teach the cats this trick? Will psychology prevail? You’ll have to watch til the end to find out! This experiment was a ton of fun and easy to do. If you’ve never trained a pet, hopefully this video gives you a starting place with useful instructions and tips on how to do simple cat training. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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25 Responses

  1. Darren Welton
    | Reply

    BILL FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!

  2. Katzenworld Blog
    | Reply

    thanks for uploading this!

  3. Jericho & Thunder The 2 Gray Cats
    | Reply

    Way to go Bill! ❤️

  4. Jericho & Thunder The 2 Gray Cats
    | Reply

    Your cats are gorgeous!

  5. Soumen Das
    | Reply

    Pls do the oprand conditioning. 😃

  6. Juan Pablo Grajales Canseco
    | Reply


  7. Joaquin Elio
    | Reply

    1 It´s not psychology, too basic neuron connection
    2 They were no trained… yet. They are smart and came just to test you (THAT´S psychology )and see if the food was there. Do this again and they will discard your triggers forever.

  8. Susan Martin
    | Reply

    This is my most favorite production from Micah and Alison. Can i adopt Bill? Loki is great, but Bill is my kind fo guy! xoxoxo G

  9. La Passaran
    | Reply

    Excellent experiment, and you called both of them at the end 🙂 That's cool, cats can be trained too!

  10. Im Real Liam Neeson
    | Reply

    Loki o/
    Bill hates you probably 🙂

  11. Carrie McK
    | Reply

    My favorite Micah Psych video yet!! Gorgeous costars too. I’m glad Bill caught on!

  12. 01001110 01010101 01001100 01001100
    | Reply

    hmmmm hunger as a motivator? Is that why we live paycheck to paycheck?

  13. 01001110 01010101 01001100 01001100
    | Reply

    I taught my cat's how to play fetch. Wasn't too hard.

  14. Noah McCann
    | Reply

    Could this be used as a way to reduce negative behaviors? We have a rabbit who wanders our house and is just the worst when it comes to chewing things she shouldn’t. Punishment doesn’t seem to phase her, but she does love treats…

  15. ruggburne
    | Reply

    Is Bill deaf?

  16. KiloSierraAlpha
    | Reply

    That was so awesome!

  17. ARTexplains Science and History
    | Reply

    Loved it, great video

  18. Neurotyczny Kot
    | Reply

    one is smarter… and i'm not talking about Loki :3

  19. yoshi8799
    | Reply

    Do you think if you did it enough without giving the treat, they will eventually become de-conditioned?

  20. The Rewired Soul
    | Reply

    Hahaha I love this! I'm definitely going to try it with my cat. I'm a mental health YouTuber as well and talk a lot about psychology and neuroscience. I'd love to collab with you all some time if you're interested 🙂

  21. Lea Heart
    | Reply

    Micah; the crazy cat man😂 Great video! Very creative way of explaining the psychology of pets❤️

  22. Ana Simal
    | Reply

    Great video x) and I have a question. Can you do classical conditioning with a person or even with yourself?

  23. Spikeygal
    | Reply

    I love this video. Fantastically done!

  24. John Mandryk
    | Reply

    Bill is a strong independent feline and ain't playing your game.
    OR Bill hates that noise and his theory 1 is that you only make it with those treats, so if he stops eating the treats you will stop.. Realizing that isn't working, Bill correctly determines that if he comes to you, the noise will stop.. Option three would be throttling you in your sleep- cat logic

  25. I P-L
    | Reply

    Epic ending!

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