Like every pet owner, I need to take my four legged friend out for a walk. If you want to learn how to teach your animals, watch my VIDEO tutorials. Thanks f…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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33 Responses

  1. Matt
    | Reply

    Is that how you film your other videos that don’t a
    Pear to have a leash?

  2. AddisonTNT
    | Reply

    OH MY GOSH ILYOUR CHANNEL SOO MUCH!! I have 2 questions.
    1.how could I get my kitty to lose weight?…
    2.he keeps chasing our outside cat and sneaks outside idk how he does
    that..what do I do?

  3. Amy Amber
    | Reply

    Hi! That’s wonderful Didga goes for walks and swims like this!
    I wanna teach my cat similar thing so she can enjoy the outside some more
    :). Since she’s really playful I can’t get her to focus for more than one
    or two commands because she expects a play and starts toying with my hands,
    especially when I try to get close to show her, a stand up for example.
    Should I use the clicker? Is there a way to reject clicking completely or
    gradually after training so my pet won’t be confused by other random clicks?
    Thank you for running your youtube channels and sharing your knowledge,
    love and passion for animals! You’re doing an amazing job! Thanks!

  4. Sandy Rakowitz
    | Reply

    TOTALLY inspiring! Thanks so much for all your training and the vids – An
    awesome 4 mo. kitten showed up at my farm last week, claimed me. Started
    clicker training that night, for quiet, sit, wait to go in and out the
    door. We go on walks, she lets me know when she needs to go out. Worked
    on getting in and out of the car and in and out of a crate yesterday. Will
    add in leash too. Just doing things I would do with my dogs for basic
    skills to start. Prior to seeing your vids, I might not have thought to do
    all this – at least not so specifically. Watching how you broke down all
    the steps helped shift my mindset to apply what I know from dog and horse
    training – opened all sorts of ideas – and you give great techniques. So

  5. orionsstorm Sibes
    | Reply

    Too bad it wasn’t the same time as the “wanna go for a walk” lead-in. At
    no time during the clip is the guy wearing the white sneakers he put on to
    begin with. :(

  6. Adi Badi
    | Reply

    This cat is so cool

  7. CP Power
    | Reply

    Now there’s a cat with guts. To be able to walk on the backs of dogs
    without being nervous gets my respect. My cat would jump right off

  8. Rachel Renee
    | Reply

    Except dogs can’t jump or climb to neat places. Cats rule

  9. Martine Felts
    | Reply

    So Cool :):)

  10. Maira P
    | Reply

    Hi Catmantoo! a cat lover here!… Seeing this video I am wondering about
    potencially agresive dogs, of course with cats… Have ever happen before?
    You trained some specific behavior in case of a dog traying to attack her?
    Thanks! (Sorruy for my english :/)

  11. TigerGirl
    | Reply

    Your videos are great! I own two cats, both a little old (5-8 years old),
    they will soon become fully indoor cats when i go out of the country to
    proceed on my studies (I would never abandon them!!!) I am hoping i am able
    to teach them how to walk on a harness so they get less bored. Your videos
    will be a great help i am sure. :)

  12. lesa kitching
    | Reply

    My father is 93 and in a nursing home, I showed him your videos and he was
    so happy he had tears come down his cheeks. See a year ago they took his
    long time best bud kitty cat Jack away from him. My father almost gave up
    on living, the Nursing home with the new rules don’t allow animals around.
    Thank you so much Kitty cat for making my pops happy!

  13. Elighzar92
    | Reply

    I know you! You come by Thai Ruby in Coolangatta all the time with your
    cat. Now it all makes sense :)

  14. Enzo Tesla
    | Reply

    Our cats Edison and Dweezil have been leash trained and car trained for
    years! They love it. It balances their hormones to get outside and
    socialize and scent their “areas”. They were both trained to start going
    outside and me just walking with them, and then the leash. They are the
    only cats I see doing this… but now you’ve amped up cats abilities.
    Thank you for this – you’re incredible. And I love your beautiful girl !

  15. Erik Stansel
    | Reply

    Nice pussy

  16. Lyudmyla Prokopenko
    | Reply
  17. Dottie Johnson
    | Reply

    And here I thought my cat playing fetch and responding to her name was
    impressive :)

  18. ferociousgumby
    | Reply

    Too many cats are pent-up in small apartments and expected to be happy.
    Cats need to run and climb and jump because it’s hard-wired into them. This
    would give them an opportunity to work off that energy without getting run
    over or eaten by coyotes.

  19. dolan dak
    | Reply

    My cats are so lame and bored of everything.except food ofc.they are 19 lbs
    each.I wish they were active like your cat.

  20. Scandicat
    | Reply

    What a lucky cat! Great video!!

  21. Cats R Cool
    | Reply

    go didga!

  22. MrStpetetom
    | Reply

    Didga is ready for her closeup!!

  23. Rosa Ferrigno
    | Reply


  24. Wolf Art Master
    | Reply


  25. Olivia Brownell
    | Reply


  26. MrPiGuy
    | Reply

    Why didnt you just call her didga lol?

  27. shaz X
    | Reply

    Does it bark :D

  28. Michael Wilkinson
    | Reply

    She is beautiful. I have always had my mates look at me strange when my
    boys sit or stand or give a paw for a treat, And when I walk around my
    complex with them following me or come when I call people are a little
    perplexed. You cant make a cat do what it doesn’t want to do but show it
    enough love and a treat to eat earn some trust and it will literally jump
    through hoops. My boys aren’t too keen on dogs though. Gotta get that
    jumping over them at the park thing down.

  29. Rapid Rate
    | Reply

    Great video! The cat is so cute!

  30. Fatima Calzada
    | Reply


  31. jpgr69
    | Reply

    She’s awesome!

  32. Eloïse Coudray
    | Reply

    Waow beautiful cat

  33. Martha Ramos
    | Reply

    wow cool cat you have there lol B-)

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