I need a new theme here on PetLvr

I am currently trying to SIMPLIFY this site and theme and minimize resources to be sure all aspects of my site work properly. Lately, with higher CPU resources, it seems that my site has not been loading proper images and other resources were limiting the function of certain apps/plugins and features.

For this reason – I am testing a series of different themes that might be suitable for this site. For consideration, a new theme has to be able to showcase both the “SHOP/STORE” aspect and the “BLOG/POSTS” aspect within the archives of this blog.

Unfortunately for me, it’s not as “plug-and-play” as it used to be. Once I activate a new wordpress theme, I need to make certain adjustments and customization to, say even get the top menu to work! For this reason I hope you have patience with me while I work on this. Currently, offline I do accounting and income tax and it is deep in my tax season so I am quite busy. I hope to update everybody with a new and working theme by mid-May 2017.

HART (aka PetLvr)

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