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My name is Marina, and I’m a new author on the “LVR” series of blogs. You can find my author page here. I have three cats and two dogs, which definitely help make life more interesting and enjoyable. Lily, Bella and Oliver are a family of cats that I rescued and Paisley and Sebastian are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Here on PetLvr, I’ll be blogging about pets in the news, pet agility shows and celebrity pets. But first I’d like to introduce my pets and myself in more detail.

I recently graduated from Youngstown State University and received a degree in Professional Writing and Editing. I own a writing and editing business called Cat’s Eye Editing, LLC. I’m passionate about environmental issues as well as animal rights, and I would like to try to make a difference with my writing. I definitely believe that the way people treat animals is a reflection of their character.

I found my family of cats behind an apartment complex. They came into my life at a good time, because I was trying to move past the death of my Persian, Teddy, who passed away at a young age from pancreatitis. Before Teddy, I had a cat named Whiskers who lived for 16 years! She was my birthday present when I turned four years old. I remember visiting the local veterinarian’s office and sitting down in a room full of hyper kittens. Whiskers came up to me immediately and started cuddling, so I knew I had to take her home.

The three cats I have now have such different personalities. Bella likes to steal things like eyeglasses, jewelry, etc. and puts them in her food dish as if she’s burying treasures. Lily is a proud and loving mommy, but she still likes to have fun and often tries to trip me when I walk by. Oliver is a peaceful soul who scares easily, so he takes life easy and prefers naps and belly rubs. They all love to cuddle and are often spoiled with nightly massages.

My dogs are like two peas in a pod, because they hate being away from each other. When I went to the pet store to look at the breed, I was really only going to look. My mom and I took Sebastian out to play in a room and then I warmed up to the idea of getting a dog. But what really changed my mind was Paisley’s little face. My mom spotted him and decided to bring him into the room too. I had three puppy eyes staring intently at me, so I had no choice but to give in. The part I was most worried about was telling the cats what I had done, but after some time, they all warmed up to each other. I never imagined myself having three cats and two dogs, but now my motto is, the more the merrier.

Paisley, the tricolor, is a wild child who is friendly and playful while Sebastian is quite the opposite. He’s more reserved and prefers to assess the situation before jumping into anything. Sebastian waits for Paisley to make the first move when it comes to daredevil stunts. They enjoy car rides and take turns leaning on the console to make sure I’m driving properly and safely. However, they are most content when lying in a warm lap with a stuffed toy.

Pets have many wonderful qualities, and I don’t think my life would be as fulfilling without them. I’m looking forward to writing articles for PetLvr and getting acquainted with all of you readers out there.

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