How to walk your cat on a leash STEP-ONE

How to walk your cat on a leash STEP-ONE. Sorry to say but if you live near traffic and you have an outdoor cat, they are very likely to one day not come hom…

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38 Responses

  1. vote4freedom
    | Reply

    Aww so sad. Quiz looks like my little Vegas. 🙁 I’d be devastated if one of
    my furkids died so young.

  2. Aidil Amani
    | Reply


  3. MinnieTyko
    | Reply

    englandinacan, There are many many more dangers to kitties who are left
    outside, such as diseases, fleas/ear mites/worms, being attacked by other
    cats/animals such as raccoons, being abused by people who don’t like
    animals, being run over, etc. When I rescued my cat from outside, she was
    badly infested with ear mites, had not been spayed, was not getting
    adequate nutrition, and had to battle the dumpster raccoons and other cats.
    Before I rescued my cat, she was always playing in the parking lot and
    would follow my car when I left. I was so afraid she would get run over.
    But now I know she is safe and the one time she got out, she returned
    within an hour after running into the woods nearby, and did not go near the
    parking lot. Cats can be trained.

  4. poezenvrouwtje
    | Reply


  5. Charles Turgeon
    | Reply

    my last outdoor cat lived 21 years.

  6. Spencer Husak
    | Reply

    i am so sorry your cat i know if my cat died i would cry for weeks BEST

    | Reply

    Glad I can help… thanks!

    | Reply

    ahhh, sorry to hear, hope you find him

  9. xSakuranokaorix
    | Reply

    Aww, so sad for poor Quiz. He looked like such a cute baby!! I agree,
    nowadays pet owners should know to put their pets on a leash because it
    prevents unnecessary tragedy from happening. PLEASE LEASH YOUR CATS!! It is
    worth it, with little effort and patience you and your cat can enjoy the
    outdoors without being in danger. It took me only 2 weeks to train my 6
    year old cat, now he loves the leash and go out daily for a walk. The leash
    was best investment I could have made for his safety.

    | Reply

    Maybe a little at first but they will eventually learn, or you need to
    teach them, the only time they go out is while on the leash.

  11. Nigel Silva
    | Reply

    Why the fuck do you read so fast.

    | Reply

    Thanks, for your opinion

    | Reply


  14. KnightsofEmerald
    | Reply

    Excellent,Im glad I bought the right leash! thanks for your awesome video,
    and Im so sorry for Quiz. My cats will always be indoor cats!

  15. Khalid Abdi
    | Reply

    same cat we have

  16. tinjmail
    | Reply

    There is no way my cats allow me to leash them on walks. They will scratch
    me to death. They have been a stray for a year before they started living
    in my backyard. Those two love their freedom.

    | Reply

    LOL…sure can.

  18. englandinacan
    | Reply

    Having an indoor cat, walked on a leash is far worse if you’re scared of
    that cat not coming home. Outdoor cats learn how to cope outside, learn the
    dangers, gain the confidence to be outside on their own and not become
    overwhelmed. The cat that’s going to get run over is the one that’s been
    kept inside, has managed to escape (it’ll always happen), runs off, starts
    playing in traffic / gets lost, etc. No human or animal can learn to become
    autonomous without doing things on its own.

    | Reply

    And doesn’t chase a toy? or eat any high value food? try attaching just the
    collar (around the neck) part and practice there before attaching the strap
    around the body. Did that work?

  20. riverstarthegreat
    | Reply

    R.I.P quiz

  21. tinjmail
    | Reply

    old cat. 🙂 They don’t need as much exercise as a young cat. but make sure
    you have money because you might have to take the cat to the vet more often
    and vet bills can run into thousands of dollars.

  22. John Ammer
    | Reply

    You are good.!!!

  23. YouTubeInvader
    | Reply

    my cat lays on the floor and plays dead when ever i put a harness on him…

  24. Lovegirl1able
    | Reply

    Could you talk slower plz???

  25. monique cortes
    | Reply

    Which cat breed is more suitable for me if I am a lazy person? I am a
    student but my family is at home all the time and I have a little sister. I
    also walk my dogs for an hour everyday, I’d like to walk the cat as well.
    (sorry for the bad english)

    | Reply


    | Reply


    | Reply

    Thanks, sorry to hear :o(((

    | Reply

    raise the value of the food reward, don’t feed in the morning, by the
    afternoon the harness won’t be such a burden. Don’t forget about play/chase

  30. Vaclav Kuzelka
    | Reply

    Kitty leash rocks 😀 Never knew they can be trained.

  31. quidditchcapn10
    | Reply

    I have been dog training (clicker) for a very long time so I get the
    concept of this but what do I do if my kitten just lays there. lol He won’t
    move when we put the harness on he just lays down like he has become
    paralyzed or something lol Even with toys an treats offered, it is like he
    shuts down. Would a collar be a good choice then?? Thansk!!!

    | Reply

    Thanks for the SUB

  33. leonsonnewby
    | Reply

    I will be doing this.

  34. MimiSoAwesome
    | Reply

    Hey is taking my cat for walks outside make her want to go out? Like when
    opening the door she will run off?

    | Reply


    | Reply

    He was and Thank you!

  37. quidditchcapn10
    | Reply

    mine too LOL

  38. southernexposurefied
    | Reply

    I’m so sorry about Quiz! My cat ran away a few months ago.

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