How to train youre bird to wave! My conure Chicko.

This is how i trained my conure to do the wave trick. Its really easy to do it. All the parrots and parakeets can learn it! my conure learned it in less than…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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7 Responses

  1. shelleyshellfish
    | Reply

    I’ve just gotten a Green cheek conure same as yours and want to train him.
    What do you use for the treats you give him?

  2. puurfect123
    | Reply

    mutation means different color parrots like a pineapple conure is a
    mutation from the green cheek conure,there the exact same parrots but
    different colors. i know what mutation means.just wandering what mutation
    he was.

  3. Christina Bunce
    | Reply

    Oh wow crimson parrot very nice

  4. mark van huijgevoort
    | Reply

    Haha oke =P yeah i was a little confused with my own language. In my
    language it’s a little different =P we have no Conures. they are just all
    parakeets with another name. xD

  5. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    Very Nice Video!!! is that a language or a code ? and you have a very smart
    conure on your hands he should learn lots of tricks and can you send this
    as a video response to my wave video as i lost it when you sent it b4 thanks

  6. mark van huijgevoort
    | Reply

    Haha It’s not a reptile, so its not a mutation =P it’s a Yellow sided
    conure, (in Latin Pyrrhura hypoxantha). Mostly when birds have another
    color but is the same species but they just have a different name. (It’s
    sort of a different bird then). (It’s a color variety).

  7. puurfect123
    | Reply

    what mutation is he?

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