How to Train Your Tame Budgies/Parakeets to Go Back Inside Their Cage

In this video, I will teach you how to train your tame budgies/parakeets/conures pet bird to go back inside their cage.

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10 Responses

  1. Adri Acoustics
    | Reply

    Hello friend, I have a question I'm pretty sure you could answer! I had a bird gifted to me and am wondering when I can start letting him out to fly around. I have had him for a week now. 🐦🎶

  2. carrie crawford
    | Reply

    have you had both of your budgies be bonded to you?

  3. Jimi 70TV
    | Reply

    Hi brother…
    Nice to see your video…👍

  4. Bell Iron Fist
    | Reply

    Haha! My sun conure is like Polly. She goes into her little cozy hammock thing, and goes to bed, and if I try to take her out, she runs up to the front of her bed, and lightly bites me.

  5. Lauren Mascitti
    | Reply

    will they fly in mirrors or windows?

  6. diniy me
    | Reply

    Omg they are so adorable love love them birdies👍👍.

  7. Nasukha Soewardi
    | Reply

    Selamat mlam mas jefrie ,
    Gimna kabarnya ,di indo lagi mendung mas ,semoga aman selalu indonesia ku .Amiin

  8. Silvia Helena
    | Reply

    Beautiful 😏🌼👍💟

  9. Kabeautyguru
    | Reply

    how are you, my friend? I just got the thunderstorm warning. Let's survive well. It's pouring outside. I hope that you are doing OK.

  10. m&mcooking
    | Reply

    So cool video!!

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