How to train your rabbits to like you! [Honey and Dimmi examples]

I’ve found that for many people, their rabbits just run away from them and simply don’t like them… Well, this is what is meant to help these people! If you…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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9 Responses

  1. rukia01wubbaduck
    | Reply

    Hi, I’m CuteBunnies11 on my other channel because I’m having troubles getting on this channel for some reason XD
    :/ Hrmm, well I’ve had multiple bunnies in my life, and it always eventually worked for me. Usually, if you just have enough patience since it takes a looong time, it’ll work. But otherwise, if it isn’t working no matter how long you persist, you can message me the problem and I’ll see if i can help 🙂
    (sorry i’m replying so late)

  2. rukia01wubbaduck
    | Reply

    Hi, I’m CuteBunnies11 (Super sorry for my extreme lateness, you probably don’t even need help anymore, but oh well XD) on my other channel, because I’m having troubles getting onto this channel, I don’t know what’s wrong! D:
    Well, rabbits can often be very territorial and feel threatened at creatures or other rabbits entering their territory, so it really depends on how you keep them in terms of area :/
    If you still need help, tell me those details 🙂
    (That’s so cute XD)

  3. smallpetroxs
    | Reply

    I tried this doesn’t work forme I need help I feel like Mocha Latte one of my two boy bunnies doesn’t like me

  4. TheSADVeeto
    | Reply

    Rabbits are not instinctively weary and “jumpy” it is a behavior learned from it’s environment. It’s Behavior not nature.

  5. x0Kahira0x
    | Reply

    They’re so cute! And the music suites :3 Nice video thank you for your helpful tips

  6. killhim187
    | Reply

    Please for ur rabbit SAFETy do not keep him near wild carnivore animals I’m bad tough 🙂

  7. angelhigh29
    | Reply

    My little bunny loved me from the start, every morning I go in to his room say good morning and he comes to the door of his cage and climbs into my lap I talk to him for a little while and give him his lovings then I tend to cleaning is bed and feeding him. He does not like my husband though, he will run away from him and jump into my lap for security. My question to you now is how do I introduce him to my cats without him getting hurt?

  8. Evan Lewis
    | Reply


  9. TheMrJaycie
    | Reply

    bu-bu-bunny <3 very cute :)

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