How to train your rabbit – Pets Next Door

Starring AB Honey Bun the Netherlands dwarf. I got a few good tips in before he bit me…ţÉü For more cute and funny pets, download our iPhone and Android mobi…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

21 Responses

  1. Virginia Carden
    | Reply

    This poor bunny. I hope it´╗┐ is able to escape. It looks like it is living in hell.

  2. Devan Wright
    | Reply

    I how havnna rabbit ´╗┐

  3. dawnkearney95
    | Reply

    Wtf you should not be aloud pets that not how you handle them remmber rabbits have really thin bones your going to hurt him or break his bones i have 7 rabbits ive had rabbits since´╗┐ i was born and this is just some stupid girl that doesnt no how to look after her animals

  4. kairis locke
    | Reply

    R u fkken stupid u never pick it up like that!!!!!!!!!!!! Wtf. Like I’m so pissed off about this video right now! U r gonna break its´╗┐ fkken back!

  5. kairis locke
    | Reply

    Ur a dumbass. Ur rabbits hind legs r gonna end up breaking u r suppose to hole the hind legs and butt, and then the front legs´╗┐ with the other hand.

  6. halima khatun
    | Reply

    EVIL BITCH!´╗┐

  7. Mexbaby4eves
    | Reply

    poor lil bunny ­čÖü i cant believe a owner like u would do this!! and this f**kin video made me really mad maybe u should´╗┐ get another pet or not get any at all!!

  8. Anna Kousky
    | Reply

    no wonder why the rabbit bit you! your holding him the wrong way> and you should never punish a rabbit! i would hate you if´╗┐ i were a rabbit and id bite you til your finger came off! your a jerk just liten to everyone

  9. Robynn Madison
    | Reply

    this made me made´╗┐ that was mean this should be how to beat your bunny

  10. shaniamay57
    | Reply

    Dang I am calling the animal abuse place.You are trippin with yo´╗┐ rabbit. Yo don’t deserve no bunny rabbit or pet.

  11. MissBunnyQueen
    | Reply

    i agree´╗┐

  12. Berrycute552
    | Reply

    omg you should´╗┐ be way more gentle with your bunny! First- DONT pick him up between the ribs and legs it puts way too much pressure on their spine. Second- DONT pull on him/her it can dislocate bones and cause serious pain. Third- DONT hold the head down like you did and dont use so much force with your bunny!!! you shouldnt own a small pet or any pet

  13. jasmine louise
    | Reply

    I does not hurt´╗┐ them enyway

  14. jasmine louise
    | Reply

    She clearly loves her rabbit shes only showing u just calm down it an rabbit it’s did not die did it so´╗┐ leave her alone

  15. 101fuzzbunny
    | Reply

    dont pull your pet like that or pull them period u shouldnt´╗┐ own a bunny

  16. dogfreakac
    | Reply

    animal cruelty´╗┐

  17. Stevie Clarke
    | Reply

    Prime example of people who shouldn’t own pets.´╗┐ Wassup rspca

  18. 101rabbitgirl
    | Reply

    haha no your a´╗┐ fucking idiot

  19. bunnylover2012
    | Reply

    hes strong

  20. chloe faulkner
    | Reply

    U need to learn how to look after´╗┐ your rabbit or u shouldn’t have a pet at all

  21. musacekic
    | Reply


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