How to Train Your Puppy to Stop Jumping

Andre Millan gets tips from a trainer at the Dog Psychology Center on how to stop a puppy from jumping.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

27 Responses

  1. John Mangan
    | Reply

    I tried this with my puppy 5 mins after watching this and it worked so fast. Jumping on me or anyone is a problem I’ve had for months and just like that, he knew to stay calm.

  2. jonathan spittlehouse
    | Reply

    Bull shit !! Why would you want to stop your dog jumping up ??? There just looking for attention, wanting to play, DONT LISTEN TO THIS IDIOT !!!

  3. A fine looking gentleman
    | Reply

    I’ve also found that sticking out my foot so they run into it. Works better than you might think. I’ve also had dogs jumping on me because they want to play, so I’ve leaned in to them and played. I played at such a ridiculous pace with them that they not mind their step with me. I know none of this is correct to do. But I’ll do whatever I need to do to correct a neighbours dog that hasn’t been given any guidance by their masters. I’ve had many dogs, and have broken them from jumping on people and vehicles immediately! Not sure how people think this is cute behaviour

  4. mhans311
    | Reply

    Love that he mentioned both strategies of both ignoring jumping but also moving to snapping the lease sideways if the ignoring strategy doesn't work.

  5. Jhonathan Marquez
    | Reply

    If the dog won’t stop jumping kick the fucker

  6. harlhequim
    | Reply

    Find yourself a turtle. The things people post

  7. Matt Lucero
    | Reply

    Ive been to caesars palace and it was nice

  8. Jarradt08 Thomas Mlg
    | Reply

    Chop it's legs off!

  9. digital1 ministry9
    | Reply

    This is ridiculous!!! IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE A PUPPY JUMPING, THEN DON'T GET A DOG!!! SERIOUSLY!!! You want to have a dog, but you want to take away his ability to express himself??? Next you're going to want to stop him from wagging his tail… What about breathing??? Does your dog breathing and eating bother you too??

  10. B B
    | Reply

    True. Need this training. Thanks

  11. Jade Thompson
    | Reply

    What if the puppy is almost a year old and 100 lbs. My daighters dog is now taller than me when he jumps up on me. And I have degenerate disks. He practically mows me down when I come in her house.

  12. debn n
    | Reply

    lLeash or LONG LEAD guys

  13. Sarah Humphries
    | Reply

    Tried everything you have said and my boy just doesn't get the idea of not jumping. So stressful;

  14. Parvan Alexandru
    | Reply

    Tomorrow i will start doing this

  15. Sane Person
    | Reply

    Shoot it. Problem solved!

  16. Edna Perhach
    | Reply

    Help , have a six months old Australian Shepherd , omg where do I start , jumping , nibbles on me , bitting , help I can't take it , what am I to do 🇺🇸☮️😭😭

  17. StrangelyHuman
    | Reply

    Thanks Cesar! 😀

  18. Thomas Taylor
    | Reply

    For what it’s worth, I teach every puppy to jump up on my out stretched hand with a loaded-palm, facing up, soon after they learn to eat from a bowl.
    First of all a loaded palm is a treat tucked between your two middle fingers.
    While you have the pup sitting and praising him, with one motion, flip your loaded palm up under his nose and make sure he sees and or smells the treat. Make him work to pull the treat out with his teeth while he is sitting. Now he knows where the treat is at.
    Next with the loaded hand, a piece of treat lodged between two fingers, grab his two paws and lift them so he is sitting up. It will be uncomfortable for him and he will squirm and whimper to balance and to free his paws but at the moment he is up with his paws in your hand make sure to rub the treat into his nose so he is rewarded. With in five minutes he knows where and how to get the treat.
    Then let him down. Repeat this for a few days. Then each time as you greet him he sees you turn your palm up. That will encourage him too rear up and place his paws on your palm-up hand “ONLY” and only when your palm is flipped up to him.

    Palm down into their face means sit, that a reward is coming. As a puppy the first reward is the treat accompanied by verbal good boy and a head rub. Then eventually as he matures he won’t get the treat each time but the praise is what he craves.
    Then you flip your hand over and that signals him rear up to put his paws on your hand.
    Imagine having three buddies in the yard and you say to them, “huddle up” and flip your hand out and up and all three of your buddies immediately rear up with their muddy paws on your hand and NOT on your nice pants or skirt.

  19. BlueNightOwl
    | Reply

    Wow! I was doing it all wrong. I was touching and making eye contact at the same time. No wonder it seems to have gotten worse for me. I’ll have to switch things up now.

  20. anna pasillas
    | Reply

    Definitely put this to work on my puppy!

  21. Emira Nura
    | Reply

    So people say he abuses dogs because he treats dogs like dogs and not like humans?Who is the real animal abuser here?!

  22. Pat Bassman
    | Reply

    click bait using Cesars name

  23. D M
    | Reply

    this is the toughest one to do, but it is for the sake of our relationships with them.

  24. Sondra Burdick
    | Reply

    It made my big jump more and didn't stop jumping your video is lame

  25. Irene Duke
    | Reply

    Why are other dog trainers on Cesars channel? I click on Cesar's channel to see him, not someone else who is most likely hired by Cesar. I wouldn't have a problem with this if the name of the channel was up front — for instance, Cesar's Dog Trainer's.

  26. V i c k i R u t i a g a
    | Reply

    Cesar the nation loves you!!!

  27. CaliforniaModz modded lobbys
    | Reply

    What if the dog is big cause you can’t ignore a big dog cause they will scratch you

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