How to train your pet rat

Hope you enjoyed!!!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

23 Responses

  1. Couch Spuddlez
    | Reply

    Just say that rats´╗┐ are inexpensive. Worked for me.

  2. MeganMichelle151
    | Reply

    That’s really good(: I cant get my rats to be interested in a treat enough to follow it…any advice? I use the same thing you’re using´╗┐ in the video.

  3. J Creaz
    | Reply

    Why doesent my rat eat oatmeal or cheerios ?! she doesent eat any treats that I try´╗┐ to give her, but when I put it in her cage she eats her food in the bowl.. I got her yesterday and I wanna tame her, she stands and my shoulders when I walk… but thats all.

  4. reptiles833
    | Reply

    @dancingallways6899- LMAO! I´╗┐ cracked up cx

  5. Dancingallways6899
    | Reply

    Cute, I have a pet rat and she is so stupid,´╗┐ I can’t teach her anything

  6. 4ever1loveanimals
    | Reply

    Can you´╗┐ do a video on how you do your rat health checks

  7. TheHamsterBud
    | Reply

    Can you PLEASE do a video on how to convince´╗┐ your parents to let you get a pet rat? Thanks , :)))

  8. madi white
    | Reply

    I´╗┐ love the video!!:)))

  9. xoHamsterCare101xo
    | Reply

    @TheHammyGirl1´╗┐ aww thank you!

  10. xoHamsterCare101xo
    | Reply

    @Aquacolors29´╗┐ sure!

  11. xoHamsterCare101xo
    | Reply

    @BinkyBunnyTerritory yes you´╗┐ can it is better for them to!

  12. xoHamsterCare101xo
    | Reply

    @robohammys they aren’t gross they are just skin… And they can’t help it so you shouldn’t judge them! Rats are one of the smartest cutest cleanest rodents! They are´╗┐ amazing

  13. xoHamsterCare101xo
    | Reply

    @jrobey17 I feed Harper beniful! She loves it! It’s made for puppies because it has softer pieces in it for there teeth so it’s really good! Also another good brand is´╗┐ science diet or luring puppy chow if your getting a puppy if not the big dog food is great to!

  14. xoHamsterCare101xo
    | Reply

    @jacksarah120 yes´╗┐ I am ­čÖé

  15. robohammys
    | Reply

    i would get a rat or mouse but im kinda grossed out bout there´╗┐ tails

  16. BinkyBunnyTerritory
    | Reply

    can´╗┐ u fix a rat, like spay it

  17. Aquacolors29
    | Reply

    Hey´╗┐ i made you a shoutout ­čśÇ would you mind checking out my channel? Thank -3

  18. jrobey17
    | Reply

    Hi, I am´╗┐ going to be getting a dog, and I don’t know what food to feed it. What do you feed Harper

  19. jacksarah120
    | Reply

    Are you allowed to kik me??´╗┐ ­čÖé

  20. TheHammyGirl1
    | Reply

    Awesome video! Frankie Is Soooooo´╗┐ Cute and Harper! (:

  21. petgirly1
    | Reply

    I’ll pm´╗┐ you it okay?

  22. xoHamsterCare101xo
    | Reply

    @petgirly1 sure! What’s your´╗┐ name?

  23. petgirly1
    | Reply

    want to kik?´╗┐

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