How to train your parrot/cockatiel to wave

how to train a parrot to wave. in this video i show you how to train your parrot to wave. if you are right-handed: wave your 3 fingers with your right hand. …

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28 Responses

  1. Zachary Andress
    | Reply

    Your the person in how to make cockatiel toys

  2. jinafire long
    | Reply

    I am trying to do that and I never let him step up when I try to train it to wave and u know howcockatiels bite and it hurts right? my clever cockatiel just bites me and I saw owwand then it steps up! >:(

  3. taila vanessa
    | Reply

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  4. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    Hey! I want to deeply apologize for the late replies. But I have A LOT of video request for that and other videos so that is at the tip top of my list along with dog training videos :). Sorry if it takes a while to get up I’m just super busy.

  5. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    I’m sorry but that made absolute no sense to me whatsoever. Can u explain what trick you are referring to?

  6. Milad Wahid
    | Reply

    Teaching your cockatiel is the easiest trick to teach

  7. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    Thank you! That’s an awesome question! Well first when he bites it’s not really biting its actually using his mouth as leverage when getting ready to step up. I’m not sure why he was doing it here but you are more than correct about rewarding him for both the bad and good! If he’s still doing this now I really don’t know because I’ve been SO BUSY that I don’t even have time to train him anymore. Hopefully ill start soon again! Thank you though! 😀

  8. Animal Lover123
    | Reply

    Hi, great video but wouldn’t you be rewarding him for trying to bite your finger too? every time you say wave and put your finger by him he tries to bite, as well as wave, but you’re saying good boy to both the biting and waving. I’m just wondering if he’s still doing that.

  9. Katrina Nicosia
    | Reply

    My cockatiel eats with her feet 😛

  10. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    Thank you SOO MUCH! How did I not see this comment?!?! Yea I do get used to the biting too lol! 🙂

  11. Melissa Diaz
    | Reply

    omg so cute mine is a little biter too. but I am use to it

  12. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    ooo your bilingual NICE! i really need to learn more languages lol 🙂

  13. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    i will definitely check it put and thanks for watching 🙂

  14. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    you are extremely welcome hope you get him back

  15. KcKilla44
    | Reply

    Yes we have our birds outside in the cage and they call each other and we see him , and thanks!

  16. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    Also bringing all of your current birds in their cage by the window might help of course leave it closed so that the others don’t escape but it may help for him to see some friends.

  17. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    First off you have my sympathy and you must remain calm. You should probably get a net like a huge fish net and try to catch him. Dont try to grab with your hand because he’ll most likely fly away. The bird will probably get tired and land rapidly and then you can catch him. Also if you can’t catch him please call your local fire department and have them get him down. I hope you get him down. 🙂

  18. KcKilla44
    | Reply

    I have 4 cockatiels and today one of them flew away outside and we still see him flying around near our backyard and we hear him how can we get him back? Any help please?

  19. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    @matchbox3232 Thanks so much sorry I dnt see this comment earlier 🙂

  20. matchbox3232
    | Reply

    your bird so cute:))))))))

  21. Parrot Wizard
    | Reply

    I think cockatiels still have a “dominant” foot but it’s harder to tell. It should be the foot they step up with first. Pay attention to yours and see if there is a usual preference. This may affect which foot to wave or which direction to turn around.

  22. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    loo but that is a really good point but sadly cockatiels don’t eat with their feet butfor other parrots what you are saying definetly applies. I was informed a bit about this but not enough to state it in my video thanks for the comment.

  23. Parrot Wizard
    | Reply

    Just wanted to point out that it has nothing to do with what “handed” you are but what “footed” your parrot is. Since most parrots (bigger than cockatiel) will eat/play with one foot, it’s best to teach them to wave with the other foot. It doesn’t look as nice when a parrot waves with its right foot and then eats with its right foot (and poor exercise as well). So watch to find out which is your parrot’s dominant foot and then use the hand closer to it when facing the bird to make it it up.

  24. lemurfan123
    | Reply

    Oh good, I mean as in I am not the only one. I am working on new videos of the birds, at the moment it is just taking time to film flight recall

  25. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    sometimes he does the same thing your birds do

  26. lemurfan123
    | Reply

    Yeah, my birds are tame enough to fly to my hand, but weirdly sometimes nip my finger aggressively when I try and pick them up.

  27. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    yea its going to be Rowen’s first real trick. He’s still learning though. you can start this when the step up is perfected.

  28. lemurfan123
    | Reply

    I wanna do this

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