How to train your Parrot to Talk. Part One

People have asked how I got Tui to talk so well for her age, I share some training tips to teach your parrot to talk – Tui and I will go through lots of methods and tips AND we won’t make you sign up to a mailing list to see it

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

26 Responses

  1. Sayed Shah
    | Reply

    My grey Parrot name is Jimmy

  2. Kyle 1414
    | Reply

    Thank uu it helpful for my parrot to talk

  3. MD JAHEDUL Islam
    | Reply

    its really helpful about parrot talk training, thanks for uploading this  I also found useful for how to talk with parrot
      was Knewreck Parrot Training Guide – it will be on google if you need it

  4. Magic- Munna
    | Reply

    Hello there,

    I recently brought an African grey but it's an adult bird around 2years old. My question is.. Can he still learn new words?

  5. Amy
    | Reply

    Hello! My name is Amy and my man's name is David…We have an 11 week old yellow sided green cheek. We've had her since she was 6 wks old. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR VIDEO. Dave Loves our bird, who he named "Love", and is trying to help train her, but like you've described yourself, he also is not an emotional person. There are ALL kinds of videos I'LL sit and watch but that just isn't Dave's style…YOUR videos he connects with…so Thank you. (BTW, we didn't catch OUR name…lol)

  6. Najim MASBAH
    | Reply


  7. the bookies nightmare
    | Reply

    sir thanks for the great video and just want ask you if you know what is the minimum age for them to start talking?

  8. Rae Holt
    | Reply

    lol~i have grey~he never took flight but he talk up a storm. i use to ride my bike with him on handle bars~right in my car on steering wheel~so the behavior is important to them~~i think your video how much to offer to people~nice job!!

  9. cjocd
    | Reply

    Dude i feel sorry for what hapend some time a go..but i wondered do you have a new parrot?

  10. kskiwi
    | Reply

    I understand the the topic of wing clipping is a very emotional one for some people. But emotion does not trump science, and the science shows a strong indication that the development of a birds potential comes from it's brain growth in the first few years. Part of that growth is the birds ability to fly and move and the co-ordination of the neurons in these tasks affect other tasks (neuro plasticity).
    Feeling strongly against this and name calling does not make you right :0

  11. Michael Habibeh
    | Reply

    dont clip your birds wings? wtf, you don't know shit!

  12. treetopteresa
    | Reply

    Ive had my grey for 14 years and learned she will say what she wants when she wants, lol. But certain actions do get a proper response; like seeing me with my keys means Bye, bye.

  13. ScottyPee
    | Reply

    my african grey is 5 years old and hes well aware of what happens when im goin out somewhere
    i put my jacket on and he does the zip noise and says See ya later Alf! similar to your 'do you want a scratch' example. he should say see ya later to me not to himself. (this was my dad who made that mistakel) Once a parrot has learnt a phrase for a certain situation, is it possible to change that phrase or will it be that way permanently?
    also youre great with Tui im sorry to hear about your loss.

  14. kat johnson
    | Reply

    jonny~ to ur question.. sometimes its customary to clip the flight feather just a tad so that u dont run the risk of losing ur pet and it allows them to fly far enough but not off..but i do agre with the gentlemen in the video .. thas why i only clip wings after 2 years but most hand feed raised birds never leave there owner and fly away

  15. xxJonnyCxx
    | Reply

    why would you clip wings?:S

    what does it do?:S

  16. aguilonmontenegro
    | Reply

    I saw a baby African grey in Chinatown L.A. CA, and it is located in Alpine St.U should check it out if u passby there.

  17. widviewer parrot
    | Reply

    sorry to hear from your loss thank you for helping people to under stand there birds

  18. sharukh askar
    | Reply

    Thanks very much for the reply, well the parrot doesn't exactly talk infront of me yet but he does make alot of noises infront of me, the only thing he has said was his name infront of me wich is Samari, in the way i call him.

  19. Dysl3xicDog
    | Reply

    Birds take a while to create a bond with people by now your bird is probably talking in front of you, if not you may need to spend more time with it.

  20. sharukh askar
    | Reply

    hi, i have an african grey parrot. i had him for 2 weeks now, i bought him from somebody else that had him before.
    he doesnt bite and he is quite friendly to, but he does make alot of noises but never infront of me or anyone else, when he/she is alone then it starts making alot of noises he does also say hello but only when he is alone, can anyone tell me why please?

  21. Patrick Knerr
    | Reply

    thanks this was a real big help

  22. Cassie Mojica
    | Reply

    i heard it can take a year

  23. 1TigerBird
    | Reply

    As a proven breeder, you should be able to get a lot more than that for her… You got a deal!

  24. 1TigerBird
    | Reply

    A breeder will never make a good pet. She may never talk either. I'd sell her as a breeder. She could easily take a good chunk out of your finger. It's no wonder she is scared. Our breeders were very protective of their mate. You go into their room, feed them, and get out. Shame on whoever sold you this bird thinking it would make a pet… She will make a great breeder, she will never be a good pet.

  25. 1TigerBird
    | Reply

    that question cannot be answered without knowing a lot more history about you and your bird. As a former breeder, I might be able to help you. Send me some more information and I might be able to give you some pointers…

  26. The Birds and the Beasties
    | Reply

    I just came back to say that my baby lorikeet can say hello now and she also mutters something else and her wings are clipped. I think as long as you give them independence and lots of love, patience and encouragement they'll adapt and learn to talk in whatever situation.

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