How to Train Your Parrot To Step Up | Parrot Talk & Training with Two Senegal Parrots

Hello Sniffers!!
Have you met these two Senegal parrots Monty and Nellie Yet? If not, go back and check out the beginning of this series. In this video, we go over how to teach your parrot to step up and other things as well, such as screaming and how to make a bird love you by simply just loving them! There is a lot of parrot education and “how to” here in this parrot training series but even more exciting….can you believe how much these Senegals talk? Nellie says a lot in this episode but you will also hear my African Grey Cody, talking a lot in this parrot video too!!

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16 Responses

  1. x_Detroit_x
    | Reply

    Oh god I want one so bad 😍😍 I wanna love it forever!!!

  2. Montana Fishing
    | Reply

    Tips for getting your bird out of their cage.. I had a hard time taming my cockatiel. I used millet & would hold my hand in the cage for up to 20 min at a time, after about a week or so I started using 2 hands with the millet & eventually I would hold the millet far enough away he couldn't reach it without stepping up on my hand & then slowly moving him out of the cage while he was on my hand & I'd put him back in. I did this many times before he eventually was very excited to come out of his cage. When you do eventually get him out of the cage, make it as fun for your bird as possible. Toys, treats & patience. Take it slow. If you rush it & break the trust you have built, you will be back at square one and it will take twice as long. Remember, it is a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time. Now my cockatiel throws a fit if I put him in his cage. PS- it is a whole lot easier to have a large cage & a large cage door. Those tiny cages with the small door would make it very difficult. You can find a yaheetech 68" bird cage on amazon for $117. That what my tiel is in & it made it much easier to get him out of the cage with the large door & it's perfect size for him. He has a lot of room & I don't feel guilty when I have to cage him while I run errands. Bigger the cage, the better. I highly recommend the yaheetech cage on amazon! Hope this helps!

  3. Sasha V.
    | Reply

    I learned to train my parrot because of this video

  4. Pat Stokes
    | Reply

    Which bird makes that two tone call. It very nice just after 10:37 you can hear it.

  5. Yajaira Valdez
    | Reply

    I thought the one on you’re shoulder said instagram

    | Reply

    Hi I'd like to ask, my roommates occasionally do cook with Teflon non stick in the kitchen . Yes I can smell good in my room .
    So! Is it possible I can still have a bird ? Or too dangerous

  7. DeeVeeUs
    | Reply

    Hi! I have a Senegal parrot that used to be so friendly, tame and lovable for the whole first year I had him. He literally hung out with me all day every day, then he turned aggressive out of nowhere. It came to the point where I couldn’t even take him out of the cage anymore because he was constantly drawing blood and was flighted so it was impossible to get him back in the cage when I did let him out. Literally any advice would be really appreciated because I’d love to get back to a point where I can have him out of the cage and a part of the family again. Thanks!

  8. E V
    | Reply

    Crossing my fingers for a foster fail, tbh… 🤞🤞

  9. Dean Russo
    | Reply

    Hi Marlene. I adopted my Amazon Allie 5 months ago. She is always excited when I get home. She screams cusses and tell me she’s a good girl. She comes to the front of her cage to greet me but if my hands get anywhere in sight she moves away. I can give her a treat and even coax her out of her cage for one but the minute she gets what she wants it’s right back in. I love her so much and have tried many things to get her to be close to me but nothing seems to work. She’s around 17 or 18, I don’t think she has had much human contact other than through the wires of her cage.

  10. ana A.R.M.Y
    | Reply

    My cockatiel steps up and yes my bird screams

  11. fire foxes
    | Reply

    living in senegal is awesome you should take a few trips there its really worth it

  12. GRNfish
    | Reply

    Hey Marlene, really appreciate the community you've tried to make here, discouraging negative attitudes towards new bird owners and encouraging those with experience to share their knowledge.

    I've recently gotten a Linnie (Lineolated Parakeet), I grew up in a house with an Eclectus, but this is my first time getting a bird as soon as it's ready and all by myself.
    It's day 5 after bringing him home now, and my attempts at hand taming thus far have just been trying to get him used to my hand. He's comfortable with my hand in his cage when he knows for sure I'm not going for him, so if I'm removing poop he's fairly chill. As soon as I start trying to bring my fingers close enough for him to perch on however, he starts panicking and backing away.

    I've tried looking for tips online and from what I can gather, trying to coax him into getting onto my finger with treats is a start, but I'm struggling quite a lot to find a good treat food he'll accept. He's very disinterested in apples, even though that's a Linnie's favorite apparently, most nuts are too big for him to handle (Might try flaked almonds though), uncooked pasta (I read they're pretty into that) but he didn't seem confident enough to bite it hard enough.
    I tried sweetcorn recently, and he seems to really like it so I might be able to use that.

    But I suppose my question to anyone here who might know more about this is, is this the right step? I contacted the shop for any tips, and they simply said to to not bother with treats and to just chase with my hand and force him onto my finger – which sounds awful to me.
    Important note, he's not hand-reared, so this is pretty much hand taming from scratch.

  13. Inge van walstijn
    | Reply

    I'm wondering how it is possible to own a bird when you work 8hours a day? How do you combine work and owning a bird? It sometimes seems impossible…

  14. X_AgustMinDaddy_X x_AgustMinDaddy_x
    | Reply

    Love the song at 13:19

  15. Dezzy Uchiha
    | Reply

    Nelly is so connected to you! If you don’t keep them Nelly will be so sad.

  16. mowgle ogle
    | Reply

    I just got a budgie his name is Kevin

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