How To Train Your Parakeet Not To Bite (Better Quality)

Hi viewers and or subscribers! This seems to be a popular video so this seems like the good time to get this out to you 2000 people 🙂 I am a person who just…

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32 Responses

  1. elisha mcallister
    | Reply

    i have 2 budgies a girl and a boy the girl bit me and made me bleed and
    shes the same kind of budgie that u got she always flys away from me or
    runs wings not cliped i can only handle the male the male is a blue budgie
    and aswell i have a parrot the parrot is friends with budgie what can i do
    to stop my feamale budgie from biteing me and stop running or flying away
    from me

  2. Harrison Mulloy
    | Reply

    mine still bites me you fake :P

  3. Yari Bazan
    | Reply

    Twist ur finger when theyre on u theyll get outta balance and stop biting

  4. THE boss cake
    | Reply

    If they nip at you first put it on your finger and if it nips drop your
    finger but not to fast. This will cause it to loose balance and distract it
    from biting you. Fyi they have wimpy bites so dont be that afraid

  5. Niallforlife319
    | Reply

    Is she gray or a light blue?

  6. emmitt cole
    | Reply

    um i don’t really get it?.

  7. TheCharlieShow1234
    | Reply

    Cant say. Why?

  8. Adrian Berumen
    | Reply

    I have 4 parakeets, and only one will allow me to pet him. The others
    continuously try and run/fly away. Their wings are not clipped, can anyone

  9. TheCharlieShow1234
    | Reply

    Maybe you should try this when her mate is in the cage with her (or near
    her) and try that. About the food, maybe mix in a little millet. Not a lot
    but a little. You can also try handfeeding her.

  10. RocketPowerGal24
    | Reply

    Thank You for this I’m getting mine tomorrow and need this tip

  11. rhian isobel
    | Reply

    Can you help me. my budgie Angel wont stop biting the other Bluey. right
    now angel and bluey are in separate cages because angel went for Blueys
    throat and i’m really worried this has been going on after a week we got
    her which was a year ago :

  12. Paige Millican
    | Reply

    what if your parakeets wings arent cliped so u cant take your parakeet out
    but i want to train him and her not to bite my finger also can u creat a
    trust video please and please comment on my post thank u

  13. TheCharlieShow1234
    | Reply

    I got Charlie from a tiny unpopular petstore and they hand fed them and
    treated them like royalty :). Some ‘normal budgies’ can be sweet as well.

  14. TheCharlieShow1234
    | Reply

    My budgie is a mix of a clearwing and dilute :). They’re not RARE but
    they’re not an everyday sight 🙂

  15. Jannika Sanchez
    | Reply

    can u please do a how to bathe your budgie tutorial,i am so scared bathing
    my budgies. please response to my comment

  16. Jannika Sanchez
    | Reply


  17. TheCharlieShow1234
    | Reply

    You can take a parakeet out even if his/her wings are trimmed or not. I
    currently don’t have a parakeet now but I hopefully will soon and when I do
    that will be the first video I upload!

  18. TheCharlieShow1234
    | Reply

    Its the camera glare. She has actually laid an egg before :). When the
    video was made, she was too young to determine :).

  19. Summer Snow
    | Reply

    That what my parakeet looks like, not many look like mine. Idk y

  20. Thatmormongirl
    | Reply

    Your bird is a boy not a girl you can tell by the cear

  21. Caroline Johansen
    | Reply

    Also, she is skinny. I try to give her food to eat, but she won’t eat it.
    Please help me.

  22. legozeldaman
    | Reply

    woah u do research about parakeets cause i am sure u do because u know lots
    of stuff

  23. TheCharlieShow1234
    | Reply

    Try doing a reverse quarantine. Gradually bring the two cages closer to
    each other until they can stand to be near eachother. Move a tad every day.
    If that doesn’t work, PM me.

  24. cornelio betsy
    | Reply

    how old ru ?

  25. Caroline Johansen
    | Reply

    I have a female parakeet. She has a mate and gets stressed when she doesn’t
    see him. I want to train her not to bite but she gets stressed without
    seeing her mate. What can I do? Please help me.

  26. moshe parnas
    | Reply

    i dont want to get him out of the cage i dont wont it to fly awey how do i
    tech him to not escape plese make anuther video

  27. Jannika Sanchez
    | Reply

    I’ll try it do they dry up quick ?

  28. juliekate kunich
    | Reply

    thats good 😛

  29. TheCharlieShow1234
    | Reply

    Sorry for the late response but Ive been SO busy. If she is skinny I would
    recommend a special mix for anorexic bird such as yours. Some egg would be
    good for her for protein.. You can purchase egg food specially made for
    budgies. Another idea is to feed her dry fruits. Apple cider can be a good
    addition to her water. For more tips, Id be happy to help you out. Thanks
    and good luck!

  30. Goran Pjevalica
    | Reply

    Hand-feed budgies are much better than normal thats all,normal budgies wont
    allow you to play with them..sry for bad english.Get birds from breeders

  31. TheCharlieShow1234
    | Reply

    They don’t really like you to jump. They like that you are scared on them.

  32. Budgie Isaac
    | Reply

    Hi, Why are you scared?? It is a benefit for the budgie’s health. Just
    place a shallow bowl of water OR if it is tamed take it to the sink and run
    warm water (not tooo warm) and the bird will move towards it and bathe. Put
    it on low pressure, Good luck, there is nothing to be afraid of

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