How To Train Your Horses Mane To Lie On One Side

Does your horse’s mane lie all over the place? Is some of it on the left side, and some on the right? Or are you growing out a roached mane? That was what I was working with, a roached mane that y horse had last year, and now I wanted him to have a mane again. But it was REALLY challenging trying to get it to lay on one side.
And I had tried just about everything I could that didn’t involve using clothing for my horse. But nothing was working, until I tried this.
Using training braids really helps to get your horses mane to lie down. No more circus pony look!
I made each braid about 2 1/2″ wide and the secret is when you are braiding the hair, pull it down as you are braiding. With some patience, and a little bit of time your horses mane will stay in place on only one side, instead of being all over the place!
To get his mane on one side I used a brush, a spray bottle filled with mostly water and a little bit of conditioner and mane braiding rubber bands. The bands that are meant for horses manes work the best, because they are a heavier rubber band than say the ones we use for our own hair.
If you are going to do this for yourself, I would only leave the braids in for about 5 or 6 days, so you don’t break off your horses hair.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

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  1. bays before boys
    | Reply

    7:42 is the finished product

  2. Brenda Krukowski
    | Reply

    What made you roach his mane? I always wondered what brings horse owners to making that decision?

  3. Rylee Farver
    | Reply

    Thanks this is so helpful .My stallion has such a messy mane

  4. Emily Lipsitz
    | Reply

    Will you get anymore horses or a horse

  5. Rose Vanhorn
    | Reply

    Hair gel works well too

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