How to Train your Horse to Tie

Tying is an everyday task that we often take for granted until we go to train a horse to hard tie. If done correctly, you can often prevent your horse from forming bad habits like pulling back. In this video, I will show you how to set your horse up for success in this important life skill.


Do you struggle with your posture as a rider? Do you wonder if you are in the correct position? I have short video training on how you can know you are in the right position and feel confident riding. Click the link below to get this FREE training!


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Warning: Horses are dangerous. Do not attempt any training techniques without proper training and safety equipment. Harmony Horseman and/or Matea Babcock is not responsible for misuse of training techniques.

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  1. Onechaoticmommy
    | Reply

    I just came across your channel. You make great videos! I grew up with kind of a mix of natural horsemanship and the “old cowboy” ways. I’ve always preferred the more natural side though, so, after a 10 year break, I’m getting in the equine game again and trying to learn more of these ways. I absolutely love your videos! Thank you for such informative content:)

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