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27 Responses

  1. Zoe Sgouros
    | Reply

    You can also try backing her up if she insists on moving forward, it really worked for my OTTB ❤️

  2. Aloha slimez
    | Reply

    Really helps

  3. Ashley
    | Reply

    My horse backs herself into a corner and then she learned to stop doing that

  4. Angelina shumaker
    | Reply

    Great job sophie!! I love ur videos!! Ur the cutest and so is Stella!!🤗🤗🤗

  5. kathy mik
    | Reply

    Good job. Just make sure you turn your toe out so you don’t stick your toes onto your horse’s side when you mount. When u are training/teaching, you want to make it pain free and interfere as little as possible with horses

  6. Colorful Creations
    | Reply

    If the step is not close enough to your horse when you mount it will be harder to get your foot in the stirrup. Maybe you should try it a little bit closer next time and see if it is easier for you to get your foot in.

  7. charlotte Haigh
    | Reply

    Just a tip make the mounting stool closer than it would be easier to get on and if you accidentally kick her then she will think that you want her to walk when you aren't ready

  8. Dorothy Merrell
    | Reply

    I taught my horse to park, that's where their front legs and back legs are stretched out so he doesn't have a tendency to walk as soon as you start to get on.

  9. Rachel Hammer
    | Reply

    The horse I ride does this, he won’t stop moving. He walks backwards and foreword so I can’t get on. My trainer has to hold his rein so he can move….

  10. Victoria’s Channel
    | Reply

    Your such a cute little girl 🙂

  11. ForeverFun 18
    | Reply

    Honestly Sophie your laugh is the cutest

  12. Evan Morrison
    | Reply

    My lesson horse does that sometimes but I did what you did when I saw this video and it worked! (Since I’m small I have a welsh pony lol but it’s my perfect size because larger horses I can’t even reach to put the saddle on lol but I love perfect size horses for me☺️🐴)And his name is Circle

  13. Life with Lilly
    | Reply

    Super helpful! Thanks

  14. Michelle Trimmer
    | Reply

    That is exactly how I have taught my horses how to stand by my step si I can get on. It’s important because when you go on a trail ride and need to get back on, you can find the nearest stump or rock to get on. You should absolutely do more of these type videos for these kids who are learning. They look up to you.

  15. AnimalLifestyle
    | Reply

    Great video Sophie! One of our instructors has us do a similar thing with our horses for ground work, eg say where getttting them to follow us and they turn away we do the same semi circul to there hindquarters kinda thing and it works well!

  16. Crystal Equestrian
    | Reply

    Awesome video!!!!

  17. Emily McKenzie
    | Reply

    When you have a horse that likes to walk off as soon as you hop on a good thing to do is drop or loosen one side of the rein and pick up the other one and flex their head towards your toe ( it’s quite like when people do carrot stretches but your on the horse) hold to for 5 or until they relax and then repeat it on the other side not only does this teach them that you don’t want to go straight away, it also is a good way to stretch before a ride and helps lateral flexibility

  18. Jackylovertjex
    | Reply

    Good job! My horse knows how to sidewalk towards the mounting block. I simply keep her with me by holding one rein and then use a whip on the other side of her body to gently touch or sometimes tap her so she moves her body towards me. We ofcourse first taught her to do sidepasses towards me from the ground. 🙂

  19. All that Equine
    | Reply

    Very helpful Sophia and very well done!

  20. Peyton Ruthruff
    | Reply

    Another good way to get your horse to stand is to rub there belly work ever time for me.

  21. Caleigh Schlager
    | Reply

    New job!!!! I am a barrel racer this might even help me!!!!

  22. julia korhammer
    | Reply

    Idk how to explain it

  23. Brydee BAKER
    | Reply

    Yay I'm early. Well one hour early lol

  24. Sarah Hinckley
    | Reply

    Omg my horse has the same problem, thank you Sophie!!

  25. Western Feathers
    | Reply

    sees this video thinks: OMG this is the problem with my horse this will totally help cuase I can count on my girl Sophie! also I ride a 17 hand tall horse! Please give me a shoutout! Byeeee have the best day ever! Also pin this if u love ur fans. Thanks for the help! (Don’t be afraid to let ur dreams come true!)

  26. Chelsie Tube Tv
    | Reply

    Stella is such a beautiful horse

  27. charli mcc
    | Reply

    U should do more of these how to horse videos. Plzzzzzz do a beginer series on how to catch ur horse, steer and do rising and sitting trot etc

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