How to train your horse to neck rein with Abby

Here ya go! If you have any questions comment bellow or message us! -Abby.

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7 Responses

  1. TheTwoPonyGals
    | Reply

    your welcome. I didnt fully understand what you said. Were you asking me a question?

  2. btracy525
    | Reply

    Thanks it really helped how long would it take a horse to learn that i have to have my horse neck reining in 2 weeks by fair or we can’t show westerr pleasure

  3. horseluver4309
    | Reply


  4. Sam Lewis
    | Reply

    Its alright, (:

  5. horseluver4309
    | Reply

    Yea sorry i was taught different. You can use your leg i just didn’t ad that in. Sorry to confuse you.

  6. TheTwoPonyGals
    | Reply

    True I think she was trying to pul lthe reins aroiund because she had one hand with reins and one with the video camera. If you have anything you want to tell her messege her on her account (horseluver4309) 🙂

  7. Sam Lewis
    | Reply

    Your not suppose to just use your hand. I do both diseplines (english and western) and there’s much more than just moving the reins around… It is harder to do with an english rein though because there light and the bits are softer. Sorry i really hate too be the one too criticize but i had too say something…And maybe you were taught different, and if so sorry. I do like your video’s though, good job and there fun too watch. (:

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