How to Train Your Horse to Lunge on a Line : How to Trot a Horse on a Line

Watch as a seasoned horseback rider demonstrates how to trot a horse on a line in this free online video about horseback riding. Expert: Kelli LaBar Bio: Kel…

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7 Responses

  1. Horsepassion4life
    | Reply

    @okie1chick Ya you’re right, everyone have´╗┐ their own technique.. Also depends of the horse caracter… ­čśë

  2. BarrelRacer955
    | Reply

    She wanted her horse to do a faster trot and she took to much speed´╗┐ and went in to a canter.

  3. Trixiesgirlforevever
    | Reply

    Actually she´╗┐ did.

  4. Lindsey Lane
    | Reply

    she didnt tell the horse´╗┐ to canter, smart one.

  5. moridusu
    | Reply

    lol What impulsion? watch a´╗┐ GP dressage horse, THAT IS IMPULSION!

  6. KalynnnxX
    | Reply

    To all the people who have already commented: Okay people first off, when lunging a horse, you want a small circle´╗┐ so that they will have to flex and use muscle, it a perfect circle. also the horse might not be sore, that could be its bad side to canter on, it pobably canters smoother going to other direction, this horse looks very fit and well taken care of, I don’t think she would just canter it all day.
    and to the maker of this video your horse is beautiful and looks spectacular.

  7. Trixiesgirlforevever
    | Reply

    That’s a pretty small circle for that size horse, especially when cantering.´╗┐

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