How to Train Your Horse to Lunge on a Line : How to Trot a Horse in Reverse on a Line

Watch as a seasoned horseback rider demonstrates how to trot a horse in reverse on a line in this free online video about horseback riding. Expert: Kelli LaB…

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18 Responses

  1. stringsNhorses
    | Reply


  2. hmccann540
    | Reply

    IT’S NOT LIMPING!!! go and educate yourself and watch some AQHA horse training vids. You’ll see it’s a special gate they do.

  3. dkrogers22
    | Reply

    Man whats all the hate about you dont agree then dont watch it.

  4. animalLuverify
    | Reply

    ya no what? u know nothing about me. U don’t know that im dumb or whateva. well, ive been riding 4 a while and ive never heard any1 say anything about training a horse 2 limp? in her other videos, ive never seen her horse limp and ive watched some other lunging videos and this is the first ive seen where a horse is limping.

  5. hmccann540
    | Reply

    hahahaha you’re so fucking dumb. It could be lame I’ll give you that, I honestly don’t know but if YOU KNEW something about horses you would know that in AQHA in their show horses they often train them to preform a certain gate that mimics a limping gate and usually unnaturally slow. Haha of course you can’t train a horse to limp (well you could but…) I never said that. get your facts straight animal luver haha.

  6. trizan123
    | Reply

    Uhhmmm. Pull back lightly and say “Whoa!” And they should stop. Turning, tap in with your legs on the opposite side that you want to turn and pull with the rein in the direction they want to go and say “Turn” or somethin’ Thats what I do. 🙂 And I ride everyday for about maybe 2 hours or so.

  7. megan brown
    | Reply

    ya i was meaning how to get them to stop when you say whoa and to change directions etc.

  8. trizan123
    | Reply

    Well what you do is you lunge your horse, maybe have a friend or someone do the lunging, and maybe you can try riding it and stuff and doing a certain thing with your body or a certain noise so your horse knows what you mean, you lung your horse so it will learn how to trot or whateva!

  9. animalLuverify
    | Reply

    She shouldn’t be lunging the horse if he is lame unless the vet recommended it to be done………………

  10. animalLuverify
    | Reply

    The horse was not trained to do a limp? Whatever the heck that means. You can’t really train a horse to do that (unless u are like amazing and tell them to do that with your line or something). Yes, the horse is lame and you don’t know what you are talking about.

  11. IvoryLithia
    | Reply

    You know, your not supposed to face the horses head while lounging them, your supposed to face the horses hindquarters…. Just something I learned from my mom who majored at this stuff in college 🙂

  12. britnieann
    | Reply

    Yeah I agree, that horse is lame

  13. britnieann
    | Reply

    Yeah I agree, that horse is lame

  14. hmccann540
    | Reply

    horse isn’t lame, its just the stupid gate they train their horses to do.

  15. megan brown
    | Reply

    how is that showing how to train a horse that horse has been lunged probably 1000 times

  16. Princeaboo
    | Reply

    Why are you lunging a lame horse?

  17. deerock527
    | Reply

    Thats very helpful, thank you for making this video, I’m going to purchase my first horse this year and I appreciate these videos members post.

  18. investaleaguer
    | Reply

    to bad your horse is lame

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