How to Train Your Horse to Lunge on a Line : How to Stop & Catch a Horse on a Lunge Line

Watch as a seasoned horseback rider demonstrates how to stop and catch a horse on a lunge line in this free online video about horseback riding. Expert: Kell…

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37 Responses

  1. Chloe Hewitt
    | Reply

    @horseluver758 I agree with you, but if the horse is still hyper or
    something you should lunge for a longer time:)

  2. Cecilia Neill
    | Reply

    My horse doesnt seem to get the fact that he has to move around me..any

  3. Christine Thibeault
    | Reply

    Yes, better to create folds in the line ( like an accordion or fan) so if
    the horse does pull you can simply drop some or the entire line to the
    ground safely.

  4. rustydanielle101
    | Reply

    my horse was the same, and I just started training her to lunge. I actually
    got a helper, to get walk with her around me. I also used body language,
    and I held the whip to encourage her to go. I wont let her come into me,
    untill I stop her and say ‘come here” I think you really have to encourage
    your horse to move.

  5. investaleaguer
    | Reply

    saddleoneup must have someother breed that take them 15 years to train. a
    caveson would not hold some of the yearling i’ve started out. You must have
    a halter on it so it does not get away or you will have troubles,and yes
    sometime a chain too,sometime not a lot.this person as never started a
    young horse out.he or she feeds her horse everday treat and kisses his

  6. sunandpryce
    | Reply

    Does anyone know how to train a horse to stop the first time they’re on a

  7. tallyfolly
    | Reply

    never hold the line with one hand. when the horse stops, do not walk
    towards her. the horse whoule be walking willingly towards you and you
    should reward. you are so incompetent.

  8. cowgirl4432
    | Reply

    my horse is pretty clingy and when i try to get him away he doesnt really
    get away what should i do?

  9. xXTheMonkeyBoiiXx
    | Reply

    I’m sorry to say but that didn’t teach anything! You just disturbed what
    you were doing with your experienced horse… not how to stop!

  10. Horsesletmefly
    | Reply

    You DO NOT wrap the line around you hand. This horse isn’t like some, and
    the horses I lunge before I ride are VERY headstrong. They will brake your
    hand if it is wrapped. Someone at my barn’s hand was broken by the calmest
    lesson horse we have because of this. Very much a saftey hazard.

  11. Dorothy Robertson
    | Reply

    Oh my… issues…looped lunge line, chain on the horse, saggy
    lunge line when working. It’s one thing to show a horse that is obviously
    accustomed to lunging….never does show how to start one that has never
    done it. Needs way more info and to show from start to working, how to fix
    problems (horse runs off, turns in, turns on forehand keeping butt away but
    not moving forward etc.)

  12. Alana Wooten
    | Reply

    That is not true Horseluver758. If a horse starts to walk towards you the
    are entering your personal space and can be a sign of disrespect. Most
    horses are taught to stay out of your space. You should never allow your
    horse to walk up to you you walk to the horse. That is how my horse is
    trained and many other horses.

  13. YowArePoof1
    | Reply

    this woman is irritating lol

  14. TorturedAngel1
    | Reply

    i have a horse that is 26 years old i think he has never been lunged
    because hell do a half of one then stop and come to me its only when i
    really have to keep me moveing and stay by his tummy that he will do really
    good but the last time i saw a horse getting lunged was a little more then
    7 years ago but i just wanted to know what i can do for him i don’t have a
    lunging wip i just have 2 lead rodes and swing the end a little

  15. herewefly
    | Reply

    Let him walk up to you. When he walks up to you, he is telling you that he
    respects you, trust you, and depends on you. Dont ever wlak up to him, you
    always want him to walk up to you.

  16. JacksEarth
    | Reply

    Keep pressing 5 .. Your welcome

  17. Delkolovr2
    | Reply

    He can walk up to you…

  18. kyleekowgirl
    | Reply

    Okay, i have a question when i am done lunging my horse, he always tries to
    walk up to me… should i let him walk up to me? or should i walk to him?

  19. billthebunnie
    | Reply

    you shouldn’t lunge a horse to blow off steam even if they are high strung.
    Lunging is for getting your horse to listen to you before you ride. Or to
    get the horses attention.

  20. jhhwingnut
    | Reply

    You have a lot to learn Mam…!!

  21. nesspora
    | Reply

    These people at expert villiage should go to a few more clinics before they
    decide to teach people how to do things, Most people in the horse business
    are know it alls.depending on your training style BEASTGAL and BILL,
    personally i say whoa have my horse stop and turn into me, i’ll also turn
    my back on younger horses such as yearlings and have them walk up to me and
    they are usually gumming and chomping thats when you can tell a horse is
    showing its submission. Better to lunge ecess energy.

  22. jhhwingnut
    | Reply

    @katieharraway Actually the purpose of longing a horse is to train & warm
    them up/get the fresh off of them………a walker is for excersizing them.

  23. WindWolfProductions
    | Reply

    I don’t think she does. Like i said. Turn your horse out so he can blow off
    steam and play. Not when you are trying to work with them.

  24. Chloe Hewitt
    | Reply

    that mare did NOT even break a sweat! Really?

  25. horsegirl289
    | Reply

    @Beastgal1765 Sometimes that can be the case. But as a horse walks towards
    you, if his head is low and submissive, then he is well behaved. If he
    comes with his head up high and somewhat fast approaching you are right.

  26. SonAngeDeMusique
    | Reply

    To those who wonder why you’d lunge to “blow off steam”…some horses need
    it. Say you are going to ride your horse (in a lesson, hacking etc) but
    they, for whatever reason, are excessively and possibly dangerously
    energetic…what do you do? You lunge them to get rid of some of that

  27. investaleaguer
    | Reply

    the horse is lame,good showmanship but saddleoneup does’nt notice that
    can’t see that what type of horses do they have??

  28. galantowka
    | Reply

    you are doing it wery wery well. i saw the worst lunging . she should learn
    from you greetings Eva

  29. Brooke Tindall
    | Reply

    you should let the horse go to your as you invite him into your space. Its
    a way to bond with your horse and teaches the horse that he is aloud in
    your space when invited. I do that to by boy as he has trust issues, was a
    full wild horse and then broken in crap and treated crap so invitting him
    into my space gives him confidence, respect and trust. Every PROPER horse
    rider knows this and should practise this!

  30. Vhairi Bell
    | Reply

    I love it when everyone thinks they’re experts lol You should all listen to

  31. showjumper78
    | Reply

    wow i just relised her horse looks exactally lke mine but she has a darker
    liver chesnut and to back white socks lol random i love that horse

  32. adreamhorse
    | Reply

    heh, heres something about “collecting the line” dont wrap it in circles
    around your hand, even thought its easier and a hard habit to break, butif
    you do, if your horse were to spook, and run away, your hand will getr
    tanked, dislocated or “shivers” mangled, and you will be dragged behind, i
    would suggest switching it back and forth in your hand, and then if a horse
    were to spook, it wouldnt be capable of hurting your hand.

  33. jessicalove2246
    | Reply

    @101topper a round pen if you have one i guess

  34. Katie Harraway
    | Reply

    she was lunging correctly.. she didnt show how to start off lunging which
    was a shame… the whole point of lunging is to exercise them and it gets
    most the energy out of them be4 u ride . and having a headcollor and lunge
    rein is fine and u have to drop your whip and say and stand and they stand
    where they are then u gather it up so u dont get tangled good vid bt could
    of told you how to start lunging as well xx

  35. BethanyWoo01
    | Reply

    why are you winding the line around your hand? expert village? youd fail if
    you did that in an exam!!!

  36. kyleekowgirl
    | Reply

    lol thats what my horse does. he walks up to me

  37. WindWolfProductions
    | Reply

    that’s one of the first things i learned. Well said. This lady needs some

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