How to Train Your Horse to Lunge on a Line : How to Canter a Horse on a Line

Watch as a seasoned horseback rider demonstrates how to canter a horse on a line in this free online video about horseback riding. Expert: Kelli LaBar Bio: K…

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33 Responses

  1. TaylorMadePony
    | Reply

    Lunging a horse to allow it to stretch and warm-up is great, but the unstructured “get the bucks out” lunging is lazy. If your horse bucks when you ride without lunging it you have other problems. Usually either the horse is hopped up on sugary/starchy grain, doesn’t get enough turn out, or usually both. If you ate sugary snacks and were stuck inside all day you’d probably run around´╗┐ like an idiot the first chance you got too.

  2. 15hrsebelvr
    | Reply

    Also I dont think you should lunge your horse just to get some steam out of them. you should lunge for training or bonding with you horse its and exercize from the ground to prepare them to focus.´╗┐

  3. 15hrsebelvr
    | Reply

    I don’t think you should let your horse buck on the lunge line. I do let my horses do a bunny hop and head swing every now an then such as the video. But when she goes to far I tell her to calm down. She needs to focus but´╗┐ its ok to play around here and there. good bonding. But if you watch the video of her riding this mare in a lope you will see how much more free her horse in here then riding. Becuase she holds the horse back to much.

  4. RideReadWrite
    | Reply

    If you don’t lunge your horse before riding, it can be dangerous for you and your horse. It is great for your horse to stretch and get out her bucks before you hop on. You’ll both feel´╗┐ a lot better!

  5. brainbutler220
    | Reply

    This video went viral on´╗┐ Kingstown

  6. Chloe Jones
    | Reply

    yeah i get what you mean but she is a western horse´╗┐ :/

  7. EMOification1
    | Reply

    I let my green mare buck n jump on a leadline but then I trained her to calm down and be serious. She knows and now can tell the difference when she is ‘allowed’ to play. I think it’s fine when they buck n kinda play´╗┐ as long as they know when to calm down and be serious. If your horse’s only excersise is lunging,then yea of course they’re goin to buck n play. But in general,I wouldnt let them necessarily.

  8. 5051nelly1
    | Reply

    I would love´╗┐ to take you on a date some time kelly.

  9. RebelRoseCowgirl
    | Reply

    You´╗┐ can’t be serious !!! Only an shallow anorexic/bulimic idiot would say something like you. The only thing the horse is struggling with is poor communication from the rider NOT “heavy rider syndrome”. Not to mention that this girl you are claiming is heavier than 12 stones/168 pounds is only MAYBE 155 Pounds at the most. Another thing that’s apparent is that you know nothing of Western Pleasure gaits. There’s a difference between Lope & Canter just as with some dressage gaits.

  10. RebelRoseCowgirl
    | Reply

    You obviously don’t know´╗┐ a thing about horses. The problem isn’t the rider and in fact most quarter horses are taught to slow their gaits down in Pleasure Disciplines. This has nothing to do with the rider’s weight, especially this rider. The difference between canters is that the canter you see while she is in the saddle is a more rider controlled than the one you see in this video. She should try to stay consistent in her ground work canter but guaranteed weight isn’t the issue.

  11. TheBeautyonHorseback
    | Reply

    Longe´╗┐ it is spelled longe.

  12. blueshadowes
    | Reply

    I don’t like my horses to buck on the lunge because I am teaching my children to learn to balance. It’s difficult for children to manage the reins and learn to have a good seat at the same time. My mare walks, trots, canters and changes direction to voice command. Whenever´╗┐ the lunge rein comes out she knows its lesson time. The lunge line is only there so I have control, not the rider.

  13. horsieb19
    | Reply

    If´╗┐ your horse takes off, you’ll be dragged in the sand. You shouldn’t be holding the excess line wrapped around your hand, you should be holding it like you are makeing the 0 an 8. What makes you qualified to be instructing this? I see nothing about horses in your bio.

  14. CanterQueen820
    | Reply

    your mare has such a beautiful canter, and you don’t let it out when you’re on her? instead you´╗┐ make her hobble along at a ‘lope’?

  15. wabby1123
    | Reply

    why´╗┐ do you have to be so rude!!!!! my horse is the same with or without me and im heaver even tho ur not talking to me, but still everyone has there own way

  16. RawrManRawrrr
    | Reply

    I’m not trying to sound mean, but you are too heavy for that horse, she is struggling when you’re on her at canter, but looks beautiful on the lunge at canter. You’re not too heavy to horse ride, thats a silly thing to say, but you are too heavy for that horse. No one over 12 stone should be on a horse that small and fine boned. My tb, who´╗┐ was a lot bigger and thicker boned only ever had someone who was 14 stone on him for 20 minutes at walk once a month. The rest of the time it was me (9stone)

  17. Horsesletmefly
    | Reply

    It’s not good when the horse is acting idiotic on the lunge. We only lunge in the winter, because they are always in their stalls, and only a few times around in each direction. We do´╗┐ this only to warm their unworked muscles up, not to get rid of excess energy. And, Don’t wrap the lunge around you hand. If the horse is doing what this horse is doing; Bucking and such, your hand will end up broken.

  18. XxBleachgurlxX
    | Reply

    The reason´╗┐ why they do that is because they are trained. Some horses can be in a round pen and run 100 laps like a insane crazy animal, but when a person gets on them they canter slow, apparently you don’t know anything about horse back riding, all you do is sit there and complain how its curel. Well let me tell you this, if the horse didn’t like it, the horse could buck, rear and try to get the person off of thier back, but do they do it? No they don’t, very rearly they do.

  19. Jacob Davidsin
    | Reply

    i never lunge my gelding, usually i just turn him out in the arenas, or lope him,
    i dont rlly see the point of lunging, smaller circles, more laps to get the same amount of workout,
    but my horse doesnt act up at all, not even a buck when turned out,
    is that normal?
    he does rear up tho pretty´╗┐ bad

  20. jackdaapp
    | Reply

    hate to break it to you sweetheart but your not supposed´╗┐ to lets them buck or rear.

  21. leviskybelle
    | Reply

    My´╗┐ mare does not rear or buck when riding, but when i lunge her, she rears and kicks and is so wild. I am calm with her and do not use a whip. I am trying to break her habits, but I need help. Anybody have any advice or a video i should watch? My goal with my horse is to calm her on a lunge line.

  22. MyAthen
    | Reply

    It is okay for the horse the buck on the lunge- unless the horse is actually doing it to be´╗┐ naughty. Remember, they are allowed to let out some extra energy. Also, bucking is natural action and SpiritArabian, it’s okay for them to buck on the lunge to let out a little high jink.

  23. SpiritArabian
    | Reply

    This lady is silly!!! Its not ok for a horse to buck while it is on a lunge line, it teaches the horse bad habits and gives it a cue that it is ok to buck!! If the horse bucks i say you stop´╗┐ lunging for a second and scold the horse.

  24. Henry Pankotsch
    | Reply

    how do you feel about he extreme small circle, what do think´╗┐ happens to the cold joints and muscles while your horse bucks. Last question when a horse is a horse and runs away those loops in your hand can pull tide or? Do you open your hand so they don’t

  25. OKJumperGirl
    | Reply

    My horse responds to clucks and kisses when on the lunge line. I don’t use the lunge whip hardly ever. I’ve used it a few times to´╗┐ redirect him back to the outside of the circle instead of cutting in. Waving it I’ve learned just causes the horse to need harder and harder cues. At least on younger horses. The horse needs to WANT to do it not have you MAKE it do it. A horse that wants to do it will respond with a cluck or a kiss, and won’t need the whip at all.

  26. mustangirlie121
    | Reply

    when horses are in the pasture guess what they do….GRAZE!!! And if your horse bucks you need to tire him out and ride him when´╗┐ hes tired so he can learn not to buck when riding

  27. mustangirlie121
    | Reply

    i use the whip and wave it ive done this for a year my horse still responds this means hes learned when you wave the whip to go to the´╗┐ next gait

  28. mustangirlie121
    | Reply

    my horse hates whips too and i cant use´╗┐ a whip anymore because he took off because he was upset by the whip i never tapped him once!

  29. mustangirlie121
    | Reply

    no my dad has trained horses as a teen to now and i train to kinda when lunging dont walk with it! that kinda makes them follow you. or that makes them go out further! And horses are unpridictable, if the horse decides to turn and charge at you if your away from the horse you have time to move my horse has charged me twice and i was able to get behind a´╗┐ tree so……

  30. pocoelsy
    | Reply

    the horse is so displine´╗┐

  31. WesternRider505
    | Reply

    Yes,I agree with the whip thing the only reason to really use it if you cant bump him/her up into the next gait.´╗┐ So like if you ask once by clucking your tongue then ask nicely again and him/her doesnt do it then u should bring it out!

  32. Bea G
    | Reply

    i’m not a horse expert here´╗┐ but when she was lunging her horse if u notice she was walking in a small circle…u should always walk with your horse at all times…instead of waving the whip all the that when it’s time to get on the horse that horse knows ur voice and knows what to expect from u….that’s what i was explained..ur whip acts as ur feet the line are ur hands..if ur on the ground..but if ur on the horse the leg is the whip hands are the line.

  33. jjjjjjjade
    | Reply

    2)post´╗┐ on 2 diff vids
    3)Hold´╗┐ your breath
    4)look at your hands

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