How to Train Your Horse to Lunge : How to Free Lunge a Horse at a Reverse Canter

Watch as a seasoned horseback rider demonstrates how to free lunge a horse at a reverse canter in this free online video about horseback riding. Expert: Kell…

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11 Responses

  1. rosycheeks44
    | Reply

    you just made my day.

  2. tripxandxslide
    | Reply

    in my experience with free lunging, all communication should be done through body language-vocal commands are used more for regular lunging, ground driving, leading, and riding when you start to do that

  3. purefreedom1995
    | Reply

    I never said that ? o.O

  4. LestatMonCopain
    | Reply

    That horse is lame, pretty, but lame

  5. egrdog
    | Reply

    1. You use the whip as an extension of your arm, or like a leg aid if you were riding.
    2. Try whipping yourself as hard as you use the whip on your horse. I did this. It does not hurt. You cannot feel it. Because you do not touch the horse with the whip.
    3. Occasionally I have to use the rope end on my very stubborn pony, but 90% of the time he doesn’t react to it, so I don’t see how he can possibly be in pain.

  6. forebr02
    | Reply

    wow some people are realy dumb , its called a LUNGEING WHIP for a reason its used to LUNG a horse theres nothing wrong with what shes doing all she has to do is show it to the horse , 🙂

  7. sexcchicky666
    | Reply

    Yea whips are painful for us, but say you were actually riding with a dressage whip and you do use it on the horse it DOES NOT hurt them. Unless used in a incorrect manner.

  8. sugarthief
    | Reply

    oh no no no, the whip is not used to actually hit the horse it’s not even a “punishment” tool. Think of it this way, when on a horse’s back you have aids or signals you can send the horse through eyes, hands, legs and seat. On the ground those aids are replaced by the lunge “whip” in a manner of speaking. It’s sort of a misleading title for a tool meant for communication because your first guess is that it’s used to punish the horse in some way. It’s just a signaling method. No horses are hit 🙂

  9. purefreedom1995
    | Reply

    the whip isnt for whipping them you stupid idiots. Its to reinforce leg aids when not on their back!

  10. USNBRAT91
    | Reply

    the whip NEVER actually comes in contact with a horse! It’s obvious you aren’t experienced in lunging…

  11. SarooAloo
    | Reply

    lol, it’s not cruel. You don’t actually HIT the horse. A lunging whip is used for signals and in case the horse runs at you then you hold it out so they’ll run into it.

    You don’t ride, do you?

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