How to train your horse to jump

This is for lunging-
Video on how to lunge a horse. My motto is, however you feel comfortable doing it. Do whatever way is best for your horse, other options are, – round pen -free lounge -bridle lounging -saddle lounging, etc. Theres also whips and crops. I use body language to communicate with karma, instead of a whip I use my feet to stomp, my hands, and pressure. If something bothers you, don’t hesitate to try a different way.. Ive learned throughout the years theres not just one way!

Lounging over jumps-
As you can see I start off lounging Karma next to the jumps for the purpose of getting her to the right speed and so I can get the right length of lead so there is no pulling on the lead line etc. I also use voice commands, as well as PRAISING. ALWAYS make sure you praise your horse after its done something right instantly. As well as after you have done a lounging session. Its very important, you want your horse to understand you better. And also in the end of the video, Karma chose to stop jumping so I let her stop. I don’t push her further than she may want to, or in possible cases where she can’t physically handle it. NEVER PUSH A HORSE TOO FAR.

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