How to train your horse to jump

This is for lunging-
Video on how to lunge a horse. My motto is, however you feel comfortable doing it. Do whatever way is best for your horse, other options are, – round pen -free lounge -bridle lounging -saddle lounging, etc. Theres also whips and crops. I use body language to communicate with karma, instead of a whip I use my feet to stomp, my hands, and pressure. If something bothers you, don’t hesitate to try a different way.. Ive learned throughout the years theres not just one way!

Lounging over jumps-
As you can see I start off lounging Karma next to the jumps for the purpose of getting her to the right speed and so I can get the right length of lead so there is no pulling on the lead line etc. I also use voice commands, as well as PRAISING. ALWAYS make sure you praise your horse after its done something right instantly. As well as after you have done a lounging session. Its very important, you want your horse to understand you better. And also in the end of the video, Karma chose to stop jumping so I let her stop. I don’t push her further than she may want to, or in possible cases where she can’t physically handle it. NEVER PUSH A HORSE TOO FAR.

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  1. FurrySleepyMonster says:

    Did you ever consider changing the rein? Your poor horse will end up terribly sore and one sided if only lunged in one direction.

  2. Jazmine Ruiz says:

    If I could do this I would dislike this video 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times

  3. Jazmine Ruiz says:

    It takes a lot of energy to jump give her a break

  4. Jazmine Ruiz says:

    You put the sport boot on way wrong and since the bar is higher gain more speed and another thing is don't lunge like that is such a small circle GEEZ PPL DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THING SWITH HORSES THESE DAYSIDE

  5. Cocoa and Ace says:

    how many times are you supposed to train the horse how to jump before riding them?

  6. Hannah Isobel says:

    So I'm currently loaning my first horse and I absolutely love jumping like I could do it all day , but the horse I'm loaning who I absolutely love , is pretty nervous of jumps because his previous owners used to tug on his mouth so just wondering if anybody has any ways to make him less scared of jumps

  7. Equestrian 572 says:

    Great Video!

  8. Jessica Jackson says:

    LOL the chiken is halariouseQ!!!!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!sorry if i misspell some things i am only 10 and i am using my moms old computer oh and best video ever today i am going to my barn and trying this trick out!!!!!

  9. Karsyn Toepper says:

    oh so the preasure is different? that's good to know

  10. Karsyn Toepper says:

    the lunge line should go on like a leadrope.

  11. Victoria Snow says:

    Lol i like how after the first 2 times she figured out that the jump was lower on the left. Haha. Arabs are so smart.

  12. Hey It's Oreo says:

    Yay now I can teach my EX RaceHorse to jump

  13. Ashley Sniizy says:

    I have always wanted to train my horse to jump and now I can I am so happy!

  14. Victoria Stevens says:

    by the way you need to have your horse gain more speed over the higher jump

  15. milkobitch says:

    I have the same exact boots for my Arab zebra print and everything! haha

  16. Caitlin Usher says:

    should of canterd

  17. 7 Days Of Equine says:

    At 0:35 random chicken 😂😂

  18. Emma McFarland says:

    all of them are right

  19. Emma McFarland says:

    ya it goes on like a leedrope

  20. hannah bailey says:

    You put the lunge line on wrong.

  21. Alyssa Altuna says:

    I love your mare. It is cool how you and your horse have a tight bond. The only flaw was that you put the lunge line on wrong. Also next time explain how to. The bond with you and your horse reminds me of me and my horse. :)

  22. angie poole says:

    Thank you for making this video because I'm getting a horse and don't lision to the mean comments.

  23. samantha hutcheson says:

    Omg the chicken was so hilarious

  24. saddleclub crazy says:

    karma is my teacher's horse's name

  25. Hayley Virgadamo says:

    That was wayy to small of a circle. Never lunge like that. Also you put the boots on wrong. Watch a how to video before you make one.

  26. Hannah The equine says:

    My horse is western not English but I have no idea how to jump her and I'm sorry to say this but this isn't helping…. :(

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