How to train your horse to be supple and stretch over the back using serpentines How to train your horse to be supple & stretch over the back using serpentines sponsored by Saracen Horse Feeds, http://www.sarace…

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7 Responses

  1. Igor Solyanov
    | Reply

    Hello! I’m´╗┐ Stephanie.I did -30 lbs in two months.Open

  2. Jen Taylor
    | Reply

    If you have a standard 3 foot stride then´╗┐ you would take 3 human steps

  3. TheMissyLeila
    | Reply

    Help here..

    if someone says : 12 feet away
    should i count 12 human steps?
    or nine? that makes 3 /3 strides…?´╗┐

  4. haraspinaud
    | Reply

    Would greatly appreciate feedback on two young horses (pets) that will be used for pleasure riding. I want to know if the pampa (painted) horse and´╗┐ the grey male in this video/website show any potential for dressage. You can see both horses either at the haras pinaud website or the simplesmente campolina video herein. Both animals are 2 years and are gaited horses. Comments on what to look for in morphology etc would be most welcome, many thanks.

  5. hyperfocus2011
    | Reply

    The riders hands are not steady and light enough for a young´╗┐ horse.

  6. hyperfocus2011
    | Reply

    depends on´╗┐ horses size of stride!

  7. tenglish59
    | Reply

    place one pole/fence´╗┐ down and count 8 good ‘human’ steps, then place another pole/fence down. This will be a one strided fence. breaking it down, you measure 2 steps for landing, 4 steps for 1 stride and 2 steps for take of. If you were to measure a 2 strided double. you would count out 12 human steps. 2 for landing, 4 steps for 1 horse stride, another 4 steps for 2 strides, then 2 strides for take off. Hope tihs helps. good luck.

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