How to train your hamster tricks

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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22 Responses

  1. Mia Evans
    | Reply

    Don’t get ,e wrong she’s cute but you need to be more gentle with your hamster

  2. Mia Evans
    | Reply

    You are holding buttons really bad she has feeling too and I’m sure she doesn’t like being held like that

  3. Alex Mason
    | Reply

    when hes ruining he looks like one of the zozo pets or something

  4. Ross Vickers
    | Reply

    Jelly postma shut up she’s my ex GF

  5. Ross Vickers
    | Reply

    Wow really Katy’s u got loads of views

  6. Sawda Holmes
    | Reply

    I got a hamster called Harry, hes kinda fast but hes silly and now im going to teach him treats!! Thanks for those tips though i liked and subscribed!!

  7. Sawda Holmes
    | Reply

    wow so … WOW!

  8. Rachel Howe
    | Reply


  9. Jelle Postma
    | Reply

    stupid girl bitch

  10. Ma Fu Chi Oliver
    | Reply

    Vannessa x3,all the hamsres have the same sizes,except the other hamsters.

  11. Vanessa Suarez
    | Reply

    And your hamster looks EXACTLY like my hammy!

  12. Vanessa Suarez
    | Reply

    OMG!!!!! That looks like Honey, my hamster! What’s its breed? And what kind is it? My hamster Honey is female and she is a Fancy Hamster and her species is a Syrian.

  13. Hong Anh Nguyen
    | Reply

    she’s huge :))

  14. everythinghamster213
    | Reply

    What do ya mean?

  15. Colin Krisulevicz
    | Reply

    poor thing!

  16. everythinghamster213
    | Reply

    She’s a Syrian hamster that’s why she’s big!

  17. everythinghamster213
    | Reply

    She’s a hamster and stop boasting cooper blumenfield!

  18. Cooper blumenfeld
    | Reply

    my hamster is smarter than your GERBIL so i wouldn’t

    P.S. i know it is a hamster and it mated with a guinea pig so it is really fat

    P.S.S. this is not helpful

  19. missamybabez1
    | Reply

    Ha thanx and that’s the biggest hamster I’ve seen haha

  20. everythinghamster213
    | Reply


  21. Anam Nasir
    | Reply

    luv ur videos

  22. Anam Nasir
    | Reply

    hey there its me ur classmate starting with an A and finishing with an m

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