How to train your hamster to NOT bite!!

Lily shows how to train her hamster, Ruby, to not bi

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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25 Responses

  1. MyPetz
    | Reply

    Please don't tell me that was your hamster's cage. 🙁 0:06
    And also, you shouldn't force your hamster into a ball.

  2. Emma's World
    | Reply

    You have to have a proper cage for a hamster to be happy! Trust me the bigger the cage the better!!!

  3. Hero Curtis
    | Reply

    PetSmart thought me how to pick them up

  4. Hero Curtis
    | Reply

    I have a Russian dwarf hamster and it bites so I hope this will work

  5. Pastelcat GamingRBLX
    | Reply

    plus you might be man handing her bc girls hamsters are so much mean bc thire wall ##### you know

  6. HeyImGabie
    | Reply

    I have that same hamster!

  7. madyson Kimball
    | Reply

    almost 10k views

  8. Hammy Hamsters
    | Reply

    1.Too small of Cage
    2.You don't have water or food
    3.If your hamster bites you it's not tame
    4.That hamster is going to die
    5.Your not her mom because your not a hamster
    6.You are technically abusing your own hamster
    7.wheres your wheel
    8 .too young
    9.Wheres your parents

  9. Hamster Love
    | Reply

    Little girl do t ever handle your hamster with rubber gloves they can bite it and choke very easily

  10. Karisma Hendricks
    | Reply

    If your too scared or your hamster is use CLOTH gloves not rubber. I feel really bad for your hamster, is your family like poor or something because you shouldn't have one. you have a tissue box as a hide away, A LID ON THE BIN WITH NO ACCESS TO AIR. just because your hamster is tiny you need to get a bigger ball so their back doesn't arch and cause help problems. that's horrible bedding you need to have wood shavings because, it makes them feel like their in nature, helps absorb their urine with no smell, and is really helpful so keep that in mind. Before, you get a pet make sure you do lots and lots of research on the animal, I got my Hamster on February 13th 2017 for passing an audition and i was researching (for fun) sine like November of 2016 so, please don't kill your hamster with your horrible care. Just set him free in the wild he will be better off like that.

  11. The Punisher
    | Reply

    STOP SAYING MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Helen Sillaste
    | Reply

    This is disaster.. what the f-

  13. summer Flynn
    | Reply

    love the video but you need a bigger cage. it's just too small. good job though

  14. Slime Shopee22
    | Reply

    Omg that’s not even bedding please buy the proper stuff

  15. TACO 007 YT
    | Reply

    My hamster never bite i you so young you did it all wrong
    1.why do you gloves
    2.the gamster cage is to small

  16. Volltage 127
    | Reply

    Not a proper way to tame to

  17. Volltage 127
    | Reply

    You shouldn't have a hamster

  18. Volltage 127
    | Reply

    U need a blanket and gloves for protection hamster bites don't hurt .you also don't use gloves or blankets

  19. IMadeYouReadThis :]
    | Reply

    “Just scoop her up like this”
    Drops the hamster

  20. katie.mitchell_
    | Reply

    I hope that's just a travel cage😡

  21. The gameplay Girls
    | Reply

    thanks you helped me so much!x I recently got a syrian and I have had her for 4 weeks but I haven't held her x again thankyoux

  22. Ella Wenz
    | Reply

    I know that your young but didn't you do any research never force your hamster to go in its ball it's so mean to them

  23. Kaiden Plays
    | Reply

    It needs water and food or else that hamster is going to die

  24. Amy S
    | Reply

    She's an animal of corse they go to the food give her the amount you want her to have not a whole big pile then god get this hamster away from this kid the parent is obviously letting this go on from behind the camera

  25. Amy S
    | Reply

    What kind of cage is that!!!!! No food or water and your way too young have your parents help and research

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