How to Train Your Hamster for the Hamster Ball Derby (Petco)

Learn about PETCO’s Hamster Ball Derby and how you can prepare your little guy for the big day. Visit for more information.

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28 Responses

  1. AngelTheKitty
    | Reply

    I’m debating if I should put my hamster in this next year or not! Actually
    next year is when I’m getting my hamster :P

  2. Emily Pham
    | Reply

    I actually had only trained the day before. I am happy that my hamster had
    to go last. Because we were holding her for too long, she got impatient and
    the second we put her down, she took off like a bullet and made it around
    the track about three times before the other hamster reached the end! She
    won! I was so proud, but she was exhausted afterwards.

  3. Aray Dragonite
    | Reply

    Today is the National Hamster Ball Derby Race, and my Hammy(Ella) Got 2nd
    place!! Excited for next years’!!!

  4. wolfie600AJ
    | Reply

    is that cream hamster with the brown ears named lizzie?

  5. Anniston Winston
    | Reply

    My hamster Skittles is pretty fast! I am coming to Petco for the 2014
    Hamster Ball Derby! I hope he wins!

  6. guineahammy
    | Reply

    my hamster won 1st place yay

  7. ubiworld21
    | Reply

    I am gnna do this

  8. Fuzzythetiger18120 AJ
    | Reply

    My two robos are gona win next year. I missed this years. I’m training my
    hammies:). And I’m training my sisters hamster to win yahoo:):):)

  9. Rosetta Wang
    | Reply

    please answer: am i suppose to train my hamster at home petco or somewhere

  10. hillarious5
    | Reply

    My winter white looks exactly like the winner!!

  11. Luis Gonzales
    | Reply

    You guys don’t really care about animals

  12. Kuromi1810
    | Reply

    im entering the race!! i hope i win!

  13. XxbreatheinlifeXx
    | Reply

    my hamster is in the race its my first time and im excited for her, her
    name is kissess!

  14. Super Saiyan Goku
    | Reply


  15. erniedahanimallover
    | Reply

    lol watched this with my cat ginger x3

  16. ubiworld21
    | Reply

    I want to do this when i get my hamster

  17. Alison Intero
    | Reply

    How could any small animal lover shop at Petco?

  18. jamminonbass79
    | Reply

    Hey guys type in Jamminonbass79 for some speed training pointers

  19. hamsterguy12
    | Reply

    thumper is a robo while the other 2 are winter whites

  20. Fuzzythetiger18120 AJ
    | Reply

    My four hamsters are gona win! I have three dwarfs and my sisters hamster
    is a syrian

  21. zebramonkey96
    | Reply

    omg the hammie at 1:03 looks just like my hammie caramel ahhhhhh sooo cute

  22. PokeFan1995
    | Reply

    what hamster was the one tan one the girl was holding not the one in the

  23. Rigo Barrientos
    | Reply

    And you don’t either.

  24. MotionlessWithBrides
    | Reply

    i so want to do this :3

  25. Sai Cep
    | Reply

    can i bring both of my gerbils!

  26. Fuzzythetiger18120 AJ
    | Reply

    My hamster is gona win:)

  27. LittleIggy7119
    | Reply

    The hamster looks like my little hammie

  28. Aadil Arbee
    | Reply

    petco are assholes they miss treat all they animals and neva buy from

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