How to train your ferret to jump through a hoop

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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9 Responses

  1. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    Joey is from Ground Effects Ferretry (GFX). This is a very responsible breeder that I only have good things to say about. Joey was chemically castrated with deslorelin around 6 months of age which does contribute to him being larger. For more about Joey and I, please watch a video on my channel titled “A little bit about Joey and I” :O)

  2. iciewolf
    | Reply

    I have an irrelevant question. Is Joey a Marshall ferret or a privately bred ferret? He seems a lot stockier then my two boys. I’ve noticed that non neutered ferrets and European ferrets seem to be much bigger then the mass bred Marshall ferrets you get from Petcos which is where I got my boys from.

  3. Lindsay Dorlac
    | Reply

    My ferrets would never do that! They barely let me hold them for long! Am I doing something wrong?

  4. Samantha F.
    | Reply

    Can you do a video on telling how to know if your ferret is over weight because i think my ferret is…. I only fill his bowl when i wake up and i give him either a baby mouse the size of a pinkie or the skin of the meat only (no organs) at night with some kibble. How often do you feed your ferrets? I know they’re on only meat diet but how often do you feed them?

  5. Shinayah Bannister
    | Reply

    Cool, but I’m more interested in learning about ferrets instead of teaching them tricks.

  6. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    I have made a video on that on my channel if you’d like to check it out :O)

  7. kystal zamora
    | Reply

    Can u guys make a video on how on how to litter train your ferret

  8. hootypatootie
    | Reply

    Joey is so cute, and these vids are fun to watch. Thanks!

  9. bevette3
    | Reply

    What kind of treat do u give ur ferret?

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