How to train your ferret to go in the litter box

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Reaper1911gr says:

    My ferret will poop right outside the litter box but never in it :( no matter what I do… The litter box is in the corner where he uses the bathroom but no matter how big of a box i use he just poops right outside it, and if i pick him up and put him in his litter box when hes about to poop outside it he just holds it and finds some way to poop right outside the box uggg ive even tried long trays instead of a box but nope.

  2. Victoria Pedraza says:

    your instructions weren't clear enough. I got my dick caught in the fan

  3. iDigestBabies says:

    Nice info! You know I have the FN but.. With my litter box I had it inside the cage at one point. My ferrets knew where it was but were too lazy to climb the ladder. Haha. So now every time I let them out to play, I have to bring their litter box out of the cage and put it on the floor. Otherwise they just poop near my door or behind my boyfriends TV. Haha

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