How to train your Ferret

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Lauren McLean says:

    My ferret did the roll over thing her name is Izzy

  2. I bought a ferret today it's a boy and he's a new born he loves to play for like 30 minutes and after he falls asleep and cuddles with me

  3. Gamemaker888 says:

    I Just bought a pet dragon can you make a video on how to train mine?

  4. ffaCowgirl22 says:

    Haha got my new baby the day after Christmas and we are working on litter training out side of the cage right now. I named him link hoping to get a Zelda in the future. Didn't think they would be such popular names. 

  5. jonathan harvey says:

    Can you make a video on how to potty-train your ferret

  6. Was looking up tips and tricks for Ferret owning.

    Ours is named Navi. Named her that before we realized she was deaf.

  7. Rianne Mclaren says:

    Very helpful now i can teach my ferrets some tricks. I have 9 of them. LOL

  8. kalina glass says:

    i can beat it

  9. Cory Pritchard says:

    Are ferrets really nice and do the smell

  10. i know what they are. its just stupid.

  11. Are you too young to know the game series The Legend of Zelda?
    It's a legendary game series.

    Link is the main character, and Zelda is the princess you go save.

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