How To Train Your Dog To STOP SNAPPING at People (Stop Aggressive/Reactive Behavior)

How to train your reactive dog to stop biting or snapping at people or behaving aggressively. This video is sponsored by Petflow! Set up automatic pet food delivery today at 

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27 Responses

  1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution
    | Reply

    Hey guys! If you want more dog training content, and live shows, see me over on instagram: @zakgeorge

  2. titaniarox
    | Reply

    Can you make a video about getting your dog to travel well in a car? I've had some dogs that love cars and some that are anxious and bark the whole time. Would love to hear any tips you have!

  3. Drifty Van Dweller
    | Reply

    The only advice you gave for an aggressive dog is to give him treats.

  4. WaylonmfJennings
    | Reply

    Hey Zak, love the videos. I was wondering if you did any bathing videos? How to make them enjoy baths. Thanks!

  5. Cosette Coles
    | Reply

    What do I do if my dog has bitten people in my own home and won't wear a basket muzzle?

  6. Rin F
    | Reply

    This came at the perfect time. I just adopted a dog and she's being aggressive towards my cats. I'm hoping to use these techniques on that aggression.

  7. Lauren Nightingale
    | Reply

    my little girl is only reactive to people moving suddenly. For example last night my brother ran across the room to try and get our cat off the table and my dog launched off my lap to chomp his leg… She has never actually bitten me but she has carefully grabbed my pant leg and tried to stop me. She will also go after the cat herself when he zooms around like a maniac (the little trouble maker is the only reason we run in the house.. ) But if a new person walks too quickly across a room she will chase them down and nip. :S Thankfully she's little.

  8. Zach D
    | Reply

    If getting strangers to feed your dog turkey is how you recommend stopping reactivity you’re in for a long, long painful road ahead. Conditioning alone will take forever, if it works at all.

    Correct unwanted and dangerous behaviors with balanced training techniques and your dog will flourish.

  9. Lillypad3183
    | Reply

    This is me and my rescue German shepherd. More videos like this pretty please. I'm still trying to get my guy to wear a muzzle so we can start safely introducing positive associations with people. He wants to take it off as soon as it is all buckled on lol

  10. Erica Goehring
    | Reply

    I definitely chuckled at your opening. 😄

  11. Shaun West
    | Reply

    I speak German and I love the effort haha

  12. LivGeneral
    | Reply

    Hey Zak I just got bit by my dog the other day and now I have a splint on my hand. It was very unlike him and now I'm worried I kind of want him out of the house now which breaks my heart

  13. Sarah Dugas
    | Reply

    can you do a video on how to train a baby border collie to herd chickens please

  14. ginger craft
    | Reply

    What do you reccomend for training a blue heeler to not be aggressive with cats? He has attacked cats in the past and I cannot let him out of his crate with our cats out.

  15. Sean Grace
    | Reply

    I've never said this before. I really liked the ad at the beginning of this video

  16. Katie Landis
    | Reply

    Thank you for this video! We have the same similar experience w our dog! She was a rescue and not sure what she has been through! I think certain people she’s scared of! I hope over tune this will get better w her socializing! Is it better to do have dog training or a dog behaviorist come to our house???? Any suggestions would be helpful!!!!!😀

  17. DublinDapper
    | Reply

    Your a achieved nothing in that session except feed the dog some treats. Positive trainers ate the reason why thousands of dogs are put down every year in shelters across America. No leadership, no structure no direction just treats and affection. Pathetic.

  18. Shadow In The Karoo
    | Reply

    Love the beginning

  19. hoah
    | Reply

    You are so bad at this.
    I pity all the people that take you seriously.

  20. Mike Deeg
    | Reply

    Is he really taking shots at Cesar Milan? That dog wasn't even aggressive lol

  21. ruinedtree200
    | Reply

    Hey ummm how can i show my choclate Labrador she is 8 and when we show her to the kittins we got she tries to protect us when there near

  22. Rescues in focus Dog training
    | Reply

    Pretty mildly reactive dog.

  23. Symbol Moon
    | Reply

    I needed this video almost a month ago to avoid getting my friend’s dog put down. Thanks..

  24. Alex BossyFace
    | Reply

    I need a video about hyper fixated dog aggressive dogs. I'm talking barking, hair on back standing up, crying whining

  25. McKenzie Percoski
    | Reply

    Can you make a video with a weimaraner please? I loved the video

  26. David Eades
    | Reply

    Yet again, not actually addressing the problem….shoving treats down its throat and talking a load of waffle whilst doing so. Do yourself a favour and do not follow this moron.. this dog is mildly reactive at best, not aggressive and you wouldn't have a clue how to deal with that. You are the biggest fraud the dog training world has ever seen and your audience absolutely lap it up like you're actually giving good advice. Useless, absolutely useless..

  27. Cara Beserra
    | Reply

    Where is this muzzle available from? I have looked at a variety of muzzles, but none quite like this one shown here. Thank you.

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