How to Train Your Dog to Stop Jumping

In this video I’ll teach you an easy and effective method for teaching your dog to choose to sit to ask for attention, instead of jumping.

For more details check out my article on jumping at:

I hope this video helps you! Let me know how it works with your dog and comment below with questions.

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Thanks to Atticus and his owners, and special thanks to Rodrigo, my awesome camera man and boyfriend!


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23 Responses

  1. Lisa K.
    | Reply

    Very smart by 3:23 he was pretty trained/conditioned not to jump up.

  2. Lily Raphael
    | Reply

    It works with me thanks

  3. teonna johnston
    | Reply

    My puppy acts there same way it hurts and I have some family members who comes here and the puppy jumps on them!!

  4. Marquita Forte
    | Reply

    Any idea how to stop excited peeing

  5. xTheWhitehuskyx
    | Reply

    My name is Adrianna to

  6. Michael Dwyer
    | Reply

    No jumping trading should have been done at puppy stage

  7. Tammy Murphy
    | Reply

    Dog chewing leash and she says good boy???????and baby talk oh lord…….nope

  8. PebbleInYo Shoe
    | Reply

    Wow this stupidity is strong in this one

  9. Christine McCombs
    | Reply

    So I click on this like and its no longer there. That's aggravating.

  10. Pine Sol
    | Reply

    My pit jumps on people all the time. I've been looking for a way to get her to stop for a while now. Thank you.

  11. Gloria Hester
    | Reply

    My son taught my dog if he would set he would pet him , my dog did that from then on .

  12. mike shramowiat
    | Reply

    Nice video. You're a great trainer. 😊

  13. Buddha Belly
    | Reply

    LOL stupid. Teach your dog boundaries and you don’t have to deal with stupid trainers

  14. Imani Ross
    | Reply

    THANK YOU for using a dog that's still in training instead of a dog that's been perfectly trained for 3+years like most of the other dog trainers i've seen on YT. That teaches us NOTHING. but what you did helps so much.

  15. Avery Joosten
    | Reply

    How do you make a 80 lb puppy not jump on you or squish you while your chilling on the couch

  16. Ye80s
    | Reply

    Stop allowing dog to lick your face. The saliva of dog contains millions of germs that can potentially kill u. Stupid enough! Lack of basic knowledge!

  17. Soccer_Is life 12345
    | Reply

    Thank you so much all the other videos at just explaining why they jump thx🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Linda Brown
    | Reply

    I want my dog to jump on me because he is tell me something important.

  19. Stivo V
    | Reply

    This doesn't work! He will knock some down and then you will be responsible. Shock collar on high, you need to make jumping suck. Problem solved quickly then move on.

  20. M P
    | Reply


  21. Bertus Jansen
    | Reply

    This is stupid!! Check Solid K9 training he knows what he is doing!!

  22. Bertus Jansen
    | Reply

  23. Bertus Jansen
    | Reply

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