How To Train Your Dog To Stop Jumping On Guests – Professional Dog Training Tips

This video will teach you how to train your dog to stop jumping on guests when they come to your door. It can be really frustrating if your dog goes crazy every time they hear the doorbell, or hear someone knock on the door. There is a simple method to stop your dog from jumping up on people who come in your house. It just takes a little bit of dog training and rehearsing the behavior you want, rather than allowing your dog to start barking every time someone knocks on your door or rings the doorbell

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14 Responses

  1. McCann Dog Training
    | Reply

    Are you looking for more Puppy Training tips? Check out our "Good Puppy Management" playlist:
    Thanks for watching! ~Ken

  2. Chuck F.
    | Reply

    How early can you start this type of training, is an 8-10 week too young to fully grasp this? Thank you!

  3. Chloe Wilson
    | Reply

    Hi, my dog doesn’t jump when people come to the door because he just doesn’t care and he’s outside all the time. So I have 2 questions. 1. We can’t have our dog inside because anytime we have him inside he eats everything, jumps up on the counter, and doesn’t listen at all. How do we bring him inside and how do we train him to get into the house?
    2. Like I said he doesn’t jump when people come to the door but today we went to the pet store and he saw people. He freaked out. Also when I take him on walks if he sees any person or dog he flips. We know that this is called impulse control,but how do you fix it? He’s a golden doodle age 1 1/2.

  4. Linda Martin
    | Reply

    Hi there. You have a pack of dogs, and I have five resueltos dogs, many rescued as adults. They go crazy when someone arrives at the door. Do you recommend I work with each one separately? it is just that the idea of five dogs I. My house with five leaches on them, I. Case someone comes to the door is a bit overwhelming. Help!

  5. Rebecca Stack
    | Reply

    Suggestions to teach my dog to not come into the kitchen unless invited, my front door is in the kitchen

  6. Cooper the Dachshund
    | Reply

    I mad a new trick with my dog ita]s called dance with me do you think I can have that trick and also have dance as well would I have to say the command for this trickm

  7. chris gast
    | Reply

    Is it possible to reward a dog for barking when someone is present, to keep their distance and to stop barking after I've opened the door? If so, about how long would it take? Or is that too complex for the dog?

  8. Kazzy
    | Reply

    Our boy (13 months old) goes crazy if he thinks anyone is coming to the door. I tried following your steps but he’s so over-aroused he doesn’t register anything at all. I’ve tried putting his bed in the hall to give him a clear boundary and rewarding him for staying there as I go back and forward between him and the door (-without a doorbell ringing or anyone else being there) and he’s ok with me going to the door, touching the door, playing with the door handle, opening the door a tiny crack, …. but that’s as far as I can get. As soon as I open the door any further he goes nuts, barking and running to the door. I’m trying to take baby steps and not go too fast for him but I seem to be stuck at this point, and have been for a few months now. Any advice on what I could do to help him cope? Thanks so much.

  9. Dave Vanhouten
    | Reply

    Great Video Kayl !! we are learning a new language ! Thanks for the help guys . Cheers Dave

  10. McCann Dog Training
    | Reply

    Are you struggling with an overly excited dog who rushes your guests? Let us know in the comments below!

  11. Jack Whitt
    | Reply

    Great channel!  I just lost the best dog I've ever had in my life last July.  This will be a great resource if I replace her.  Excellent job!

  12. Brain Candy TV
    | Reply

    LOVE IT! Great video guys! You're really putting all of that Video Labs training into good use here. The new studio setup looks really professional. Great training tips too. I'll have to try this with Lizzy. She's an "old dog" but I think she can still learn some new tricks. 🙂 Cheers, Michael

  13. World Towning
    | Reply

    Is it normal to have a dog on the leash all the time. I have not had a dog in a while, but that is not a practice that I usually did.

  14. AuthenticSound
    | Reply

    Great video ! One of the consequences of being in the Videolabs class with Ken, is that our daughters really want a dog… and mom and dad for longtime wanted one, so… we're thinking on a golden retriever, we have enough place here and Sofie, she's 11 will go to the dog school with it. She could use some confidence in public spaces, so that could help grow that !

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