How to Train your Dog to STOP BARKING!

How to stop unwanted barking! This video is sponsored by PetFlow!
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30 Responses

  1. Jason Ta
    | Reply

    Wha type of dog breed is this in the video ?

  2. 1eagleeyez
    | Reply

    Thanks for the advertising of dog food

  3. Pinja
    | Reply

    My dogs barks at noises from my neighbors and noises from outside through the window. I never know when she'll go at it and bark, so I am pretty desperate.

  4. Niloufar nourizadeh
    | Reply

    Exactly same my dog..
    And i dont have nobody help me for knocking😔😓

  5. David Russo
    | Reply

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else is searching for how do i stop my puppy barking try Jaffacter Simple Dog Coach (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my neighbor got excellent success with it.

  6. Marilyn Lawson
    | Reply

    My puppy barks like this,,but even on her walks when people go by and goes wild when cars or bikes or anything that moves go by. so much so that I can't really walk on the street. She even barks at the rain….any suggestions..It is alert barking and if not for this she is a wonderful dog..Nothing I have tried she is so focused..

  7. Jim Senka
    | Reply

    hilarious! Calling Caesar Milan.

  8. Destini Meets World
    | Reply

    Do you have any helpful tips for excessive barking when trying to discipline or rather crate train your dog ?? My dog Kassie barks at the clear site of us but usually she will stop after 5 mins when she realizes we will not take her out however lately it’s been hard to hear ourselves think because she has her fits.. I’m beginning to think she’s associating the crate negatively and we are just trying to use this as her own personal space when we are not home etc. thank you in advance

  9. JB 02
    | Reply

    I might leave my dog board training over the summer while we're on vacation. He barks quite a bit at night. Also what sucks is I have to tie him up right now when we leave the house or when i go inside after I'm done being with him. The reason is we have a gated house, and he barks and gets a bit exited or aggressive when another dog/person/cat/car is passing by, so my fear is me going inside the house, leaving him free, and someone opening the gate when arriving or leaving, and a loud-ish car , dog , cat, or people passing by and my dog running out of the house/gate. So I want him to be calm, obey me a good 8/10 times when I say "here" , "stay" and "no". I basically want my dog to be calm and good around people, kids, and other animals mainly dogs/cats.

  10. Nicola Stilwell
    | Reply

    I'm so happy I discovered Zak! I just paid a whole shwack of change to adopt a rescued 1.5 yr-old from Texas but I live in Vancouver Canada so I haven't even met the guy yet! He's a year and a half and apparently fairly mellow…I'm feeling so much more confident about it all though just knowing I have Zak's vids to fall back on. :))

  11. Elizabeth Murphy
    | Reply

    My dog barks just like that. Loud & SHARP. I’m going to try this

  12. Gilbert
    | Reply

    Video starts 2 and a half minutes in..

  13. Jason Kinnear
    | Reply

    This is just an advertisement for those stupid dog treats.

  14. Jeanmarie Todd
    | Reply

    Brilliant solution to practice knocking with the door open!

  15. Jeff Arthurs
    | Reply

    Good training session. But our terrier barks at the dog next door,how do i stop that behavior?

  16. Lady Chatelaine
    | Reply

    Now you have a dog who doesn't bark but whose SO overweight! Lol…🙄🙃🇬🇧

  17. Jake
    | Reply

    I like how realistic these videos are. Some videos just show the first step and then a well-trained dog responding well to it. This dog represents a more of how the majority of dogs would react.

  18. ShunMedia
    | Reply

    My dog doesn't care about treats so what now

  19. PJ afterdarc
    | Reply

    So pretty much bribe them. I'm starting to hate my dogs.

  20. jenny1158
    | Reply

    Ahhhh. Ok. I get it now. So you always keep your door hanging open and when someone (hopefully not a burglar) comes to visit, they simply knock on the door to show your dog who they are. And then you give the dog a treat for not barking at the person they see standing there. Why not just remove the door? Well, on second thought, if you removed the door the person wouldn't have anything to knock on.

  21. Sailor Mars
    | Reply

    What kind of dog is that? She’s so cute

  22. Vicki Goodman
    | Reply

    AWESOME tutorial!!! Thank you so much!! Wow! That is just amazing! I'm gonna give it a try with my dogs and just maybe I'll come back and let you know the (positive) result!!

  23. Leslie Sanchez
    | Reply

    Will you teach my dog to stop barking at people

  24. Sammbalina
    | Reply

    I don’t know if this would work on my mom’s dog. She barks in her sleep at the doorbell on the tv!!! Plus, we want her to bark, but to stop on que…

  25. Old Goat
    | Reply

    Stinking commercial

  26. Strawberry 18
    | Reply

    yes but my neighbor don't do what you're doing she just ignore her dog barkings all the time

  27. XSwordOfWarX
    | Reply

    Was this a video about training your dog or selling wellness treats?

  28. Steve Stifler
    | Reply

    Ad ends at 2.48

  29. ACS402010
    | Reply

    Always lots of talking in Zak's videos. Get to the point!!!!

  30. shinchan the best
    | Reply

    8587 liker!

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